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Map of Eriadu City in 702 BBY

Eriadu City was the capital of the planet Eriadu during the years of the Galactic Republic. The city eventually became the capital of the entire Seswenna sector in the wake of the Seswenna Security Crisis. During the chancellorship of Anwis Eddicus, the city featured the Seswenna Hall, a large imposing structure that included an arena, concert hall, convention center, and luxury hotel. Just outside the city was the Eriadu City Naval Base, a mostly abandoned facility that was a relic of when the Republic had a full military. It was still used by the Judicial Forces and became a base of operations for Special Agent Evening Delwynn, when she began investigation into what became the Seswenna Security Crisis.


The city was divided into fifteen districts during the chancery of Anwis Eddicus. During this period, B'Rhea had suggested that they be increased to twenty-seven, dividing the districts even more along xenographic or economic lines.


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