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Eriadu was a planet in the Seswenna sector that competed with Seswenna following the Ruusan Reformation for supremacy in the sector, eventually wresting political clout and power. With the Mint Revolution (708–705 BBY), politico B'Rhea garnered control from the Arrain Makila and their leader, Casei Solus. The planet then became the focal point for the Seswenna Security Crisis, a localized rivalry that merged with a pan-galactic conspiracy that cost the lives of scores of billions of beings.

The capital of Eriadu was Eriadu City, which itself was divided into localized regions. Just outside the city was the Eriadu City Naval Base, a facility that was largely abandoned by the tenure of Anwis Eddicus as chancellor. The city's downtown was crowned by the government district, large plazas, open fields, and the Eriadu Convention Center—a conference center, transit hub, hotel, arena, and concert hall.


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