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Chapter 1 - The Clone Wars

Olyvia, less than one year old, could not comprehend that her father was a Separatist, or even that he was a soldier. He was just daddy. She only knew that he went away, sometimes for a long time, and when he came back he was hurt. This confused her, because she did not know who would want to hurt her daddy.

One day, when Olyvia turned one year old, her mother took her to a large building in a big city planet. Olyvia did not know where she was, only that it was big, and it scared her. Her mother took her into a building that smelled like smoke and bad food. Olyvia saw a big creature, a Hutt, sitting on a throne.

"I'm scared, Mommy," she said.

"I know, Olyvia," replied her mother. "But you must go with Vixxa. She will keep you safe."

Reluctantly, Olyvia nodded and crawled onto the Hutt's lap.

Chapter 2 - The Empire

Jesikka hissed as she entered the Senate Rotunda. Her job for the Emperor wasn't always glamorous, but at least she had a job. Now she was being summoned to see Lord Vader. She was worried that she might have done something wrong, and that he would kill her. But she had a holdout blaster up her sleeve, just in case.

As she rounded the corner to one of the rotunda's cafeteria, she saw Vader standing at the far end of the room, arms crossed. He looked impatient. Jesikka sighed, put on her best smile, and strolled up to Vader.

"Imperial beurocrat Jesikka, you are late," Vader said.

"Apologies," she replied. "Traffic."

"Of course," Vader replied.

"What is this about?" Jesikka asked.

"The Emperor has a special job in mind for you. You are to be trained."

"Trained? For what?"

"Oh, you will see. Now, come."

Chapter 3 - Training

Olyvia, now three years old, looked at Vixxa. She was being trained as a waitress in Vixxa's new attraction. Vixxa said that one was never too young to learn a new trade. Olyvia couldn't argue, of course, since Vixxa was like her mother. Olyvia's real mother had left her here.

"Now," Vixxa said, "put the drinks on the table and say 'are you ready to order?'"

Olyvia did so. "Are you ready to order?"

"Good," Vixxa said. "Very good. You will go far in this business."

"Thank you, Vixxa."

Vixxa could've made Olyvia a slave, but she hadn't, because Olyvia's father had been one of Vixxa's closest partners, and she respected him. For that, Olyvia was determined to please Vixxa in everything she did.

Jesikka swung the chrono slowly, back and forth, in front of the woman's eyes. This was her first true test. The Emperor had told her she would be trained as a spy, and with that job came the ability to hypnotize anyone. Jesikka had hypnotized many stormtroopers, but only because they had allowed it. She was, after all, their boss.

But now, she was trying to hypnotize a woman who was resisting. It would be a true test. She stayed there, swinging the chrono, for almost an hour, but eventually the woman's eyes got a glazed look, and she stopped struggling.

"Excellent," Jesikka hissed. "You will go with this stormtrooper."

"I will go with this stormtrooper," the woman droned.

"You will answer all his questions."

"I will answer all his questions."

"And then, when he is done with you, you will awaken."

"I will awaken."

As the woman walked away, arms held forward like a zombie, Jesikka laughed maniacally.

Chapter 4 - Twelve Years Later

"I have a special assignment for you."

Jesikka dared to look up from her bowing position as the Emperor said these words. She'd never been in his presence, let alone been given an assignment by him personally.

"My lord?" she asked.

"There is a bathhouse on Nar Shaddaa. It is a very hot location for young men. I need young men as Stormtroopers. You can infiltrate the bathhouse and hypnotize men with the potential to be Stormtroopers."

"Yes, my lord."

"You are to leave immediately."

9074 m

Olyvia, wearing the bikini for the first time.

Olyvia looked down at the bikini. Now in her mid-teens, she had been officially hired as a waitress. Now, she had to wear this revealing outfit. But she was not disappointed. Exactly the opposite - she was sick of being forced to wear the itchy robes Vixxa had supplied her. She was glad to be so free.

"Hi, Olyvia," said Krysten, Olyvia's friend. "Great outfit, huh?"

Krysten was already wearing hers. Typical - Krysten had been first at everything. Olyvia had come into Vixxa's "posession" a month after Krysten, which the other girl reminded Olyvia of to no end.

"Yeah," Olyvia said. "Feels so great to be free."

"All employees, prepare for work!" called Vixxa.

Olyvia motioned for Krysten to leave. "I've got to get...undressed. I'll see you when work's over."

Chapter 5 - Persuasion

Olyvia watched the man sit at the corner table and new instantly that he would present a good business opportunity for Vixxa. He had the look of a businessman, and he had requested a private table as far from everyone else as possible. Smiling, she walked over to his table, placing herself very close to him.

"What would you like to drink?" she asked.

"Gimme a juma," he replied.

Olyvia typed it into her datapad, and then made a very exaggerated gesture of looking around, then loosening the bottom half of her bikini. His eyes traveled to her waist, lingered there for a moment, then returned to the menu. So it would be that way, then.

"You look like a man who could use a good business partner," she said.

He raised an eyebrow. "And you're offering?"

She shook her head. "My boss, Vixxa."

"A Hutt?" Hesitantly, he shook his head.

She smiled coyly, and gave another exaggerated glance around. He put a single index finger under the left portion of the top half of her bikini, and began slowly pulling it downward, revealing more and more of that breast.

"Is in here?" she asked.

"Umm...hmm..." The man seemed to be sweating.

She smiled and kept pushing the bikini downward.

"Okay," he said.

With a nod, she pulled the bikini back up. Seemingly disappointed, he turned back to his menu.

"Hey, Olyvia!" called Krysten. "We got a new employee!"

Chapter 6 - New Employee

Jesikka looked down in contempt at the outfit she was forced to wear. How could these girls stand this, being so revealed? As a spy, she was used to being totally covered at all times. Oh, well.

"Welcome," said one girl.

"I'm Jesikka," she said.


Jesikka watched as a young man, very fit, with a blaster, walked in. She excused herself and walked over to him, fingering the pocked chrono she would use. When he looked up at her, she began swaying it slowly, back and forth.

"You will be an Imperial stormtrooper," she said.

"I...will be an Imperial stormtrooper."

Jesikka grinned. Perfect.

Chapter 7 - Intense Persuasion

Olyvia knew this man, too, was a businessman, and she intended to get him to work with Vixxa the same way she had the previous one. As Krysten grabbed a datapad and started toward him, Olyvia held out her arm.

"I got this one, Krysten."

She walked over to his table and threw him her most seductive grin.

"Hi," she said. "What would you like to drink, fella?"

"Juri," he said.

She nodded and walked to the bar to grab the drink, making sure to sway her hips as she went. She noticed him watching and stepped it up a bit on her return walk. He took the drink and sipped a little.

"Are you ready to order-" she suddenly made an exaggerated forehead-rubbing motion. "Oh, it's so hot."

"Yeah..." He seemed a little distracted.

"What'll it be...uh, excuse me. It's so hot, I need to...loosen up."

She loosened the strings on the bottom half of her bikini, letting it slide dangerously below her waist. He stared for a long moment. Then, he glanced at the menu. When he looked back, she did the same as she had with the other man - lowered the chest portion on the left half of the bikini. He was sweating now.

"I'll have a...a-"

"Oh, it is so hot."

She lowered the other half of the bikini, making the entire top half of her chest visible. And left it there. He was really sweating now.

"Excuse me," she said sweetly. "My boss, Vixxa, is looking for a business partner. You wouldn't be...interested?"

"Uh...I want a nerf steak."


She walked back to the bar, grabbed the steak, and returned. As she placed his plate on the table, she made sure to rub her partially exposed breasts against his body. He shivered.

"Tell your boss...we have a deal."

Chapter 8 - New Recruits

Olyvia did not take time to put her bikini back in place. If she did, the man might come to his senses. As she began to lead the businessman toward Vixxa's office, she noticed that even though he was behind her. And then she realized that by loosening the lower portion of her bikini, she had revealed most of her perfectly-toned hips.

"See anything you like?" she asked suggestively.


She began swaying her revealed hips sensually. She opened the door that led from the dining section of Vixxa's to the bathhouse portion. Soon, this deal would be closed.

Sitting in a bath with a man that had potential to be a stormtrooper, Jesikka slowly begn to raise her chrono. As she swung it back and forth, the man was quickly mesmerised, and put in a trance.

"You will be a stormtrooper," she said.

"I will be a stormtrooper."

With a grin, she started to stand. Then, she saw that girl Olyvia - bra down to reveal most of her breasts - walk by, leading a man. The lower half of her bikini was also down, and the man was gawking at Olyvia's hindquarters. With a shake of her head, Jesikka exited the pool. There was more than one kind of persuasion, and Olyvia seemed to have her kind down.

Chapter 9 - A New Position

Olyvia was surprised when, on her nineteenth birthday, Vixxa promoted her to head waitress. As she was congratulated by the other waitresses, she felt a bit of awe.

"Why me?" she asked Vixxa.

"Because," Vixxa replied. "You have gotten me much money by persuading men to be my business partners."

"Just doing what I can to please you."

"Consider me pleased then."

Suddenly, Jesikka grabbed Olyvias arm.

"I want to congratulate you personally," she said.

As they walked around the corner, Jesikka pushed Olyvia hard against the wall.

Jesikka forced Olyvia against the wall and began swinging the chrono. Olyvia, shocked, could only stare at the golden chrono as it swung back and forth. Soon, Olyvia's eyes glazed over, and she stopped watching the chrono, her eyes staring straight ahead.

"Good," Jesikka said. "You are now my slave."

"I am now your slave."

"You will do exactly as I tell you."

"I will do exactly as you tell me."

"You will look for fit young men to enter this place. When you see one, you will inform me."

"I will inform you."

Jesikka hissed out a laugh. Suddenly, there was a call.

"Olyvia!" Jesikka recognized the voice as Krysten.

"You will lure her to me," said Jesikka.

"I will lure her to you," Olyvia replied.

She raised her arms and began to walk like a zombie toward Krysten. Krysten looked up.

"What are you doing?"

"You must follow me," Olyvia said. "There is something special in store for you."

Skeptical, Krusten followed. As she rounded the corner, Jesikka began swinging the watch.

"Krysten, you are my slave," she said.

"I am your slave."

Chapter 10 - The Imperial Remnant

Jesikk was in shock the day she got the news of the Emperor's death. The first thing she did was contact the remaining Imperial leaders and Emperor's Hands. Jerec, Thrawn, and Desaan were some of the first to respond. One night, late after the bathhouse had closed, Jesikka had a comm meeting with the three.

"I can offer you men," she said. "Stormtroopers that will work for free. But you pay me."

"How would you get these stormtroopers to do such a thing?" asked Thrawn.

"I am a trained hypnotist."

Thrawn sucked in his breath and looked at Jerec and Desaan.

"Negative. I want men of sound mind."

Thrawn's hologram disappeared.

"Deal," Jerec and Desaan said at the same time.

"Let's talk price..."

Princess Leia Organa frowned at the datapad as if it was the source of her problem. Where was the Remnant coming up with so many stormtroopers?

"Hey, Chewie!" called Han. "Remember Vixxa's Bathhouse? It's on the news. Apparently men who go in sometimes don't come out!"

Leia's eyes widened and she walked into the Falcon's main cargo hold, where Han was watching the HoloNet.

"What is this place?" she asked.

"Oh, an old place Chewie and I used to hang out back before the Rebellion," Han replied. "The waitresses there wore outfits so thin you could almost..."

He stopped when he saw Leia's look.

"Sorry. Anyway, it's on Nar Shaddaa."

"Can you show me a picture of what these waitresses wear?"

Han grinned wolfishly. "I'd be glad to."

As she saw the image, an idea began to form, and she hated herself for it.

"That's exactly the same as that outfit Jabba gave me when I was on Tatooine," she observed.

"Yeah. You, uh...still have that?"

"Mm-hmm. Never knew why I kept it...but I do now."

Chapter 11 - Infiltration


Leia dons the outfit Jabba gave her to infiltrate Vixxa's Bathhouse.

Leia felt humiliated wearing the outfit again - good cause or not, the males in the Senate Rotunda were throwing her appreciative glances, and Han was the worst.

"Maybe I should have changed on the ship," she muttered.

"'Course not," Han replied. "I'm not going with you, and if you'd changed on the ship, I wouldn't have been able to see you like that. I was blind the whole time you wore it, remember?"

Leia rolled her eyes at him and boarded the shuttle. As it took off, she sighed in relief that she was finally alone.

Jesikka watched the new girl, and knew instantly who she was. Leia Organa. She had met her once before, when Leia had been just a kid, following her father through the Senate. Jesikka was eager to see if she recognized her, too.

"Olyvia," she called.

"Yes, Master?"

"You will keep your eyes on the new girl."

"I will keep my eyes on the new girl."

As Olyvia walked away, that male that had been accompanying her on that day, the one who she had seduced, called to her.

"Hey, lady, gonna show me some skin again?"

"What...are you talking...about?" Olyvia said. Jesikka had made her act somewhat normally around customers, but she didn't have time for this. "I...must...go."

Somewhat disappointed, the man turned away. Jesikka hissed. What was Organa doing here?

Chapter 12 - Freed

Leia recognized the woman almost instantly. She was an Imperial spy! She had to do something, quickly. Grabbing a small blaster, she pulled the spy into a nearby room and held the blaster at her bared midriff.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"I am serving the Empire," replied Jesikka.

"Not anymore," Leia replied. "You are under arrest."

Suddenly, Jeskka brought up her fist into Leia's chin. Leia, stunned, fell to the ground. Jesikka held up a chrono, and Leia knew she was done for. But as the chrono began to swing, there was the sound of a blaster firing, and Jesikka fell to the ground, a hole in her back.

"I'm no one's slave," said Krysten.

Leia looked down at Jesikka. "Where are the Remnant bases?" she asked.

"I'll...never...tell," Jesikka replied.

Leia saw that she was dead and stood. Krysten handed ther the blaster.

Olyvia shook her head.

"What the frizz has happened here?"

"Olyvia!" called Krysten."You were hypnotized by Jesikka. Turns out she was an Imperial."

"Where is she now?"

"Dead," replied Krysten. "I shot her."

Olyvia regretted that the woman had died, although she knew it was for a good cause. Jesikka couldn't have been captured, not since she could hypnotize her guards.

"Thank you, Krysten."

Epilogue - Humiliation

Olyvia gave the man a coy smile, but he looked unimpressed. So, she decided to do her hot routine on him. He appeared to be a big businessman, and would probably bring Vixxa loads of money. Olyvia frowned and rubbed her head.

"Oh, my, is it hot in here?"

"I feel fine," the man replied.

"Oh. Well, I'm hot," she replied, satisfied at the double meaning the statement could imply.

"Go cool off then, I'll not have the help sweating on me. I want blue milk, I'll not touch alcohol."

Olyvia hissed under her breath. Man, this guy could stand up to anything.

"Okay, let my type that in my-" She intentionally dropped her datapad. "Oops."

She leaned down to pick it up, and as she did, she tilted her head up to look at him for a full five seconds, giving him a very open invitation to stare at her cleavage. He did so, but only for a second, then he turned away. Grunting, she picked up the datapad and walked to pour the milk.

When she returned, she glanced around again.

"I'm still hot," she said. "Let me loosen up."

As she once again loosened the strings on the lower half of her bikini, making it drop dangerously, he paid her no mind whatsoever. Annoyed, she smiled coyly at him.

"Would you like to...see something," she asked, pushing the edge of her bra down.

"No, I just want to eat," he replied.

Blowing a hair out of her face, Olyvia sighed.

"What would you like to eat?"

As he studied the menu, she continued to push her bra downward, until it was almost three-fourths off of her breasts. Now he reacted, but not for more than a second.

"I'll have a bantha rib," he said.

"Fine," she replied.

As she returned a moment later with his meal, she allowed herself to rub against him, and she intentionally bumped his shoulder, making her bra lower a centimeter more. She gave him an innocent smile.

"Oh, dear," she said. "It seems my bra has come loose."

"Indeed it does." He paused. "Young lady, if you are trying to seduce me into something, you'll have to show me much more."

As she grasped his meaning, she grumbled, pulled her bikini back into place, and dragged him by his wrist to her quarters. As he took a seat on the bed, she stood in front of him. As she reached around behind her for the bra's strap, she closed her eyes. She didn't want to see his expression as her bra fell from her body and hit the floor.


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