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The Eniam Defense Military was the official military of the Eniam United Trispecial Republic of Eniam. It was formed to replace the more peaceful Eniam Outskirts Police in response to the Clone Wars.

Eniam was untouched by the Clone Wars, but only months after the conflicts end, the new First Galactic Empire took Eniam. The Military fought hard but were eventually overwhelmed. Later in the Galactic Civil War the Empire had mostly forgotten the planet. Soon after the Battle of Endor, the natives easily overwhelmed the remaining garrison.

After that, the Military was reformed under the same name and command structure. However, Eniam's life was again pulled apart in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Years later, the military was reformed for a third time.

The Military's two main subcategories were the ground based Eniam Army and the flying Eniam Air-Space Corps.

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