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Eniam was the second planet in the Wem Dalane system, and the homeworld of three species: the Drijoken, the Keaarglrs, and the Eniamos. A temperate, moonless world, it had vast oceans boarding continents of grasslands and forests. Its insides were similar to Naboo in the fact that it had a porous crust, but Eniam did have a small molten core. The vast network of caves was where the Drijoken lived, and they eventually expanded the caves to accommodate a growing population.

Eniam was quite obscure and distant from Coruscant, but was rich in resources, pristine, and populated by three prosperous species. This made it little known, but a target when discovered. It was attacked and plundered twice because of this, but before that, it was left in relative peace for millennia.


Eniam was usually divided into four areas:


Icy land of Eniam


The icy poles of the planet were often overlooked. They were inhabited by few animals, such as the polar swine and the polar mammoth. Eniamos and Keaarglrs sometimes set up research camps in the extremes of their planet, but could not make normal, comfortable homes in such low temperatures. Both the poles had land under most of the ice, but with large shelves sticking out over liquid water.



Eniam's coast. Note the multicolored mosses growing on the rocks.

The planet's oceans covered approximately 81% of its surface and was home to many aquatic creatures, fish and mammals alike. The planet's caves go under the ocean floor, but some channels lead into deep underground water pockets. The Drijoken, Keaarglrs, and Eniamos dislike the water and barely headed towards developing aquatic ships for many years.


The forests of Eniam covered approximately 7% of its surface and were composed of many diverse plants and fungi, notably the Dirquwn tree. The leaves of the trees were in a formation that allowed significant light to shine on the forest floors, which had few large animals. The largest forest area, the Kego region, covered 3% of Eniam's surface.


Approximately 11% of the surface was covered by the plains, which varied from steppes to prairies to savannas. The Eniamos lived in this area, and they built adobe structures in the area. The plains were mostly covered in 1.75 meter-tall grass and the occasional tree. The savanna also had the most predators. The Eniamos were skilled and hiding from and fighting large animals, such as plains clawcats.


The plains of Eniam, just outside an Eniamo city


The conglomeratal nature of the planet's crust gave it many caves. The strength and solidity of the caves was highly supported by the high iron and carbon content of the caves. The Drijoken were well suited to their environment. The caves were mostly below savanna level, but the cave entrances and the mountains some of the higher caves were in only took up about 1% of the planet's surface. The caves only had less animals than to the other areas, including several varieties of bat, cave cats, and cave bears. However two creatures thrived in the lowest level of Eniam's crust, the mantle lizard and the mantle snail.

Eniam caves

The cave entrance near Sraitsnwod


Early LifeEdit

For many years, the species mostly worked only with their own kind. They were primitive compared to other species who wandered the galaxy, but individually each race was quite clever, passing through eras and ages quite quickly. The Drijoken advanced quite quickly without any help. The Keaarglrs were more primitive because they had little access to required resources. The Eniamos' technology was in the middle, based on their access to resources.

Each race was also more or less united throughout the whole planet. Drijoken instinctively considered all of their species their family, Eniamos developed several feudal systems before deciding to merge into one, and the Keaarglrs, the most solitary, formed a very loose government, but nevertheless rarely fought wars amongst themselves.

Because they lived in the open, the Eniamos considered the two other species too primitive for rights or even non-sentient. The Drijoken were shy among other races, and the Keaarglrs were uncomfortable away from their simple tree houses, so the sentient societies deliberately avoided each other for centuries.

This eventually changed. Some courageous and tolerant members of each joined together. The Drijoken befriended the Keaarglrs to form the Drijoken-Keaarglr Alliance, and they convinced the Eniamos to reform the planet's government. In 1,138 BBY, or 1,103 before the Great ReSynchronization, the Eniaman United Trispecial Republic replaced the Eniam Federation. The new government invited, obviously, all three races and considered each equal, and also attempted to merge each species culture, methods, and morals.


The merging of societies and cultures went quite well in time. Not to say sentient life on Eniam was perfect, they had their fair share of despots and attempted secessions. However, actual war was rare, and planetary war was unheard of. The speciesism and shyness of the past became almost forgotten in casual life. Together the natives of Eniam came to prefer the term Eniameneine, but each species pronounced it differently.

The planet's technology soared soon after the races united. Not only did they collaborate with what they had on their own planet, but in 1,081 BBY, the New Sith Wars came to the Wem Dalane system. The resulting battle did not cause much damage to the planet, but left several examples of intersystem technology. The three species examined the wreckages of fallen ships and got a technology boost.

They soon managed to create their own sublight drives, repulsorlifts, durasteel, and other starship technologies. Scouts and diplomats were sent to greet the Galactic civilizations, but soon discovered war and devastation everywhere. Eniam went into isolation for centuries.

The greater GalaxyEdit

In 23 BBY, they tried to join the Galactic Republic, but were largely ignored. Many planets were leaving the Republic, and in the midst of the crisis of mass secession, Eniam's requests were nearly literally left at the bottom of the Republic's files.

When the Clone Wars did begin, Eniam once again tried to isolate themselves. Fortunately for them, the war did not touch their planet, but dark times were catching them. Republic scouts in the Tarabba sector and office workers in the Senate district rediscovered and remembered Eniam's request. The Empire that was shaped from the remains of the Republic would only exploit them.

Many Drijoken, Keaarglrs, and Eniamos were taken, but not without a battle of a scale unseen by almost all Eniameneine, nevermind on Eniam itself. This battle was minor for the new Empire, which was nevertheless surprised by the native's tenaciousness and sacrifice for their planet.

The majorly depopulated planet was put under Imperial control. The Empire began to plunder its resources and pollute, but the Eniameneine had been good to the environment, and the occupation did not spoil the world. A few natives escaped. Some stayed hidden on Eniam and some wandered the Galaxy. Some of those who left Eniam in freedom joined the Rebel Alliance.

The population was soon restored after fall of the Empire in 4 ABY, from escaped slaves and those who had stayed hidden. The garrison had been greatly reduced, and the Eniameneine had slowly trickled back under the bored faces of the Imperial blockade. Suddenly a large group of reinforcements, including some units from the New Republic, arrived. The meager occupation was taken by surpise and quickly overwhelmed.

In a few months, Eniam government was restored. It was customary on Eniam for things to be restored to the way it was before being ruined, if it was not at significant fault. Civil affairs and laws were changed little, but the army was greatly increased in size.

Tumultuous politicsEdit

The Wem Dalane system soon gained representation in the New Republic. Unfortunately, the world was still recovering from the disaster of several years ago, and many wondered if Galactic society was more harm than help. Eniam and the rest of the Tarabba sector recovered rapidly and began to prosper again, but much deliberation and negotiation as to Eniam's contact with the greater Galaxy rendered it idle in the Senate. However, the New Republic helped the people of Eniam form a colony on their homeworld's sister planet, Erishpamhwen.

After years of playing little part outside its sector, those in favor of secession were approved in 11 ABY. The Eniameneine decided they could do without integration with the rest of the Galaxy, and retired to only their own planet.

Their isolation would not last long. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the Galaxy, Eniam was targeted once again. Although it was no longer in the New Republic, the New Republic realized the need to defend Eniam. However, in a fierce battle, the system was lost. The results were far worse than the Imperial takeover. Eniam life was enslaved, its resources plundered, its technological art smashed, its nature twisted.

When the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated, they withdrew from Eniam. It began to recover once again, this time with more help from the Galactic Alliance.

About a century later, the restored Eniam was nearly torn by the Sith-Imperial War. Its people wanted a strong government but opposed invaders. They supported the help of the Alliance but many were quick to blame the Yuuzhan Vong. However, the reformed Eniam United Trispecial Republic kept the planet officially neutral.

When the new Empire finally won, most of them supported it, due to their political optimism and belief in a strong government. They believed that the Imperial leaders in the war had been greedy and corrupt, unlike Emperor Roan Fel. It was a different Empire.

Unfortunately, the Sith took over at the war's end. Although nearly all the Eniameneine opposed the Sith, the Eniam Republic still stayed neutral and forbade the Eniam Defense Military from taking military action for either side.

Behind the scenesEdit

The whole Eniam stuff was serious, but started as a minor in-joke. I put in an extra thing for 1,138 BBY. So I mentioned "Dren and Keegs" getting rights. I reversed the name of my state, Maine, for the planet, and modified that for stuff related to the Eniamos. You will probably notice a few more things if you reverse them.

Eventually I got hooked into it, it sounded like an easy topic, developing a whole planet which was pretty much free for stories. I'm still expanding it all. I recently changed Dren into Drijoken and Keaarglr because I thought those sounded better.

Eniam is Maine spelled backwards, although I don't see much similarity between the two.

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