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The En'rg-chan Civil War raged for 1,650 years. After the end of the En'rg-chan Colonist War, and the death of Sith Master Kaxs I, Darth Sev claimed the two titles of Sith Master and Sith Admiral. Then he took command of the En'rg-ch Empire and made war against the Republic civilians on the world. The war ended 4,653 BBY, after Kaxs I's spirit returned and killed Darth Sev.

The terrible and diruptive conflict entirely destroyed the enviroment, and made in uninhabitable for all sentient species. Also many non-sentient species died out. However, some creatures evolved into species that could live on the world - such like the En'rg-chan Rancor.

When the Republic had a small base on NL-3224, they by accident brought a few Sarlacc eggs. These would later evolve into the Namelesennian Sarlacc (thousends of years later).


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