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The En'rg-ch Empire was founded by Sith Master Kaxs I when the Galactic Republic begun colonize En'rg-ch. After Kaxs I weren't allowed to be in control of the world were he had lived for 150 years, he organized an empire of droids, mercenaries and bounty hunters. After the death of En'rg-chan Emperor Kaxs I during the Battle of 13th City 6,307 BBY, Sith Admiral Darth Sev took command of the Empire. The Empire was finally destroyed when En'rg-ch's environment had been totally ruined 4,653 BBY. Darth Sev ruled the Empire to that date.

Behind the scenes

Originally, the En'rg-ch Empire was to be called the En'rg-chan Empire. However, Kaxs thought it would be too much alike the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance he had used in other articles (like En'rg-ch and Kaxs).

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