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En'rg-ch was the second planet in the Namelesennia system. It had three moons; En'rg-ch 2, En'rg-ch 3 and En'rg-ch 13. During the beginning of the En'rg-chan Colonist War, it was also known as NL-31174. It was a world of beautiful jungle. It was first discovered by the Sith Lord Kaxs I 6,500 BBY. However, 6,350 BBY, the En'rg-chan Colonist War began. With the end of the Colonist War, however, the En'rg-chan Civil War took its beginning. The war turned the world into a poisonous swamp. During the Clone Wars, a temple on the world was the headquarter of the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance.



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Kaxs I (Kaxs the First) was a Dark Lord of the Sith, who discovered En'rg-ch 6,500 BBY. He built a small temple, meditated, trained and built up his strength, feeling throught the Force that a great war was to come. He lived there alone for 150 years.

En'rg-chan Colonist War

6,350 BBY, Human colonists arrived on En'rg-ch. They named the world NL-31174 (NL for Name Less) and started to take control of the planet. However, Kaxs I protested and gathered an army of mercenaries and primitive battle droids. This led to the En'rg-chan Colonist War, which raged in 43 years. It ended during the Battle of 13th City, were a Jedi Master - who had been sent to end the disruptive conflict - managed to kill Lord Kaxs I.

En'rg-chan Civil War

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However, the war didn't end. Kaxs I had trained an apprentice, named Darth Sev. After the end of the En'rg-ch Empire's defeat during the Battle of 13th City, Darth Sev assumed the rank of both Sith Master and Sith Admiral. Those who had supported Kaxs I followed Admiral Sev, and this led to the En'rg-chan Civil War, that raged from the end of the Colonist War and continued 1,650 years - meaning from 6,307 BBY to 4,653 BBY. It ended only because Kaxs I's spirit returned and killed Darth Sev. The bloody war totally ruined the planet, transforming the beautiful rain forests into poisonous swamps. The world became impossible to live on, and all sentient species (and many non-sentient) died out on the world.

Clone Wars

Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Kaxs arrived on the planet and became trained the Sith arts by Kaxs I's Sith Holocron. However, Count Dooku arrived. Kaxs joined the Separatists and assumed the title of Darth Kaxs. Then he created the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance, of Dark Jedi, corrupted Jedi and other dark Force users.

However, by the end of the Clone Wars, Darth Kaxs had been redeemed to Kaxs, and returned to destroy the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance. It led to the Battle of En'rg-ch, and ended with Kaxs being the only sentient species on the world. During the battle, many of the native En'rg-chan Rancors were killed.

Namelesennian Civil War

During the Namelesennian Civil War, a battle raged on En'rg-ch, since Kaxs wanted to retake the control of his old Sith Temple. Namelesennius, leader of the NSF and Lord of the Namelesennia system, had placed a garrison in the temple, and both sides took heavy casualties during the battle.


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