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Golden Age of the Republic

Slorfit: “Shall I call for technical assistance?
Delwynn: “Shall I call for a female escort?
Slorfit: “I'm still celibate.
Delwynn: “I'm still competent. These things are older than me.
Slorfit: “So is your datapad, my friend, but sometimes you still have trouble with that.
— GIN Special Agents Eloban Slorfit and Evening Delwynn while Delwynn attempts to open a biometric doorlock.[src]

Eloban Slorfit was the head of the Governmental Investigative Network's Thyferra Bureau during the Seswenna Security Crisis. He was initially trained in the Judicial Forces Academy on Corsucant but dropped out after a couple of years to become a police officer on Kiva. As one of the few Humans on the planet, he became an important liaison between the Kivan police and the Judicial Forces. Approximately 725 BBY, he returned to Coruscant and rejoined the Judicial Forces academy. In spite of his age, he succeeded. He met Evening Cara during this time and her future husband Shmuel Delwynn. They forged a friendship that lasted when both Slorfit and Cara joined the Governmental Investigative Network. With his experience as a police officer, he was placed as an agent immediately on Thyferra. Slorfit worked periodically with Evening Delwynn on assignments and joint operations during her time on Alsakan and his time on Thyferra. With the death of her husband and daughter 714 BBY, Slorfit was one of the two individuals upon whom Delwynn relied heavily. He eventually applied for the position as head of the Thyferra Bureau, securing the spot a few years before the Seswenna Security Crisis. When the conspiracy unfolded, he was charged with investigating some aspects of the case around Denon and holding suspect Catiene Gallien. He was nearly killed in a surprise ambush on Thyferra by bounty hunters hired by Avar Zranik. Surviving, he became an integral part of the investigative team, led by Delwynn.


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