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Elkybo Nog-rol was a Ropagu male who was an officer in the Republic Navy and later the Imperial Navy. He commanded the Great Thinking, a Venator-class Destroyer, until his retirement.


Born on Ropagi II in 66 BBY, he lived in the city of Ropagis. Shortly before the start of the Clone Wars, he was sent to Coruscant as a Galactic Senate adviser on the Separatist Crisis. Once the war began, he accepted command of the Great Thinking and engaged the CIS in several space battles. In a battle over Qhomillt the Great Thinking was damaged and crash-landed on the moon of Qhomillt-3. They defended the ship while Republic engineers made enough repairs for the Great Thinking to fly again and escape the system. Nog-rol continued to command the ship after the end of the Clone Wars. He retired in 17 BBY and returned to his homeworld, eventually recruiting Torgus Aubeldon to provide survival training to Imperial stormtroopers. He died of old age in 43 ABY.

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