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Elecria was the third planet in the sector of Elecru not far from the Senb'An'Tiin star system. The planet was inhabited by several sentient species among which the Elecrians were the prevailing nation. About 5000 BBY they had to escape their native world of Elecris and began a new life on a barren world of Elecria. They had to give up farming and cattle-breeding, instead they started the mining processes all around the planet, the exploitation of natural resourses like ore that they would sell in countless numbers to other star systems. That was the beginning of their fortune.


Old Republic era

Some time later they created a myth, that they lost their home to find a treasure, but to keep it and gain more they had to work hard. It was the first monarch of Elecria that promised to find and passs the trials for his people so that one day Elecria would become more powerful and wealthy than ever before.

The legend turned into a belief, that was claimed to be the official religion for Elecrians. For centuries they would speak about the prophecy and the future untill a new ruler came to power. His name was Arzar Esmut, and according to his theory this was not simply a myth or a belief, but was a true goal that should be achieved as soon as possible.

He wanted to become the legendary governor of his peoples, so that he would be remembered even thousand years later. During the first years of reign Arzar made a secret treaty with the Sith Empire, that helped him to wipe out a peaceful colony on Vur'Lua in 4000s BBY. He considered such an act as an urgent price to be paid to insinuate the gods.

As for the Sith - they constructed a military base on Elecria as well as several military and industrial facilities that would be destroyed later on. The Sith soldiers were used to patrol the Elecrian streets, as well as helping in operations on other worlds.

The Elecrian King thought that it would be only fair to force planets like Uthel, Shiib and some others make sacrifices that Elecris once did, and for this he planned to use a weapon of mass destruction. The Sith offered to bring it to Elecria from an unknown source, but perished in a battle against their enemies prior to the invasion of Senb'An'Tiin.

While the King was dealing with the Sith, a group of rebel forces from Uthel initiated the struggle against the invaders. It was not long before the complete defeat of both the Sith and the Elecrian government, that would be repalced by a new Administration, peaceful and loyal to Uthel and Anarmar.

Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy

After the war the Elecrian new authority wanted to redress the wrongdoing of their predecessors, so they began the construction of several cities on Anarmar. For several centuries they were financing the project, but eventually other species and organizations were involved.

It was also the time of forming a new Inter-planetary organization, that was later known as the Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy, that included three members:

  • Uthel (as a capital)
  • Elecria (as a second member)
  • Anarmar (former colony of Vur'Lua)

Actually Uthel had control over other two members, for Anarmar was simply a colony and Elecria remained occupied territory for several centuries.

Clone Wars era

Elecria battle Cl

Battle for Elecria.

21 BBY - this was a hard time both for the local authorities and the Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy. The Elecrian revolutionaries, a criminal (and political) organization considered as one of the most dangerous in the sector, prepared a cunning plot to overthrow the existing rulers and establish new order via attacking several of governmental buildings in the capital of Elecria, and soon a state of emergency was declared. But it was too late, because the revolutionaries already contacted the members of the CIS as well as other organizations that helped them to remove the government.

Anarmar sent its own army to deal with the Elecrians, but the Senb'An'Tiin forces perished in the very first battle. Duvar Enego, a new Prime Minister of Anarmar, made several reforms, converting the Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy into the Senb'An'Tiin Federation and asking the Galactis Republic for help.

A clone army arrived on Elecria, an event, that was known as Battle for Elecria, during which the Republic forces dislodged the separatist forces of the planet. Another battle occured on the surface of Elecria just some time after the victory of the Republic forces.

The planet remained liberated of CIS presence, and Elecria was still the member of the Senb'An'Tiin Federation, when the CIS leaders of Elecria were killed together with other members in 19 BBY.

Galactic Civil War

During the reign of the Emperor Palpatine, the planet remained under Imperial control, to be precise it was ZID-17 that was the overseer of the puppetee-like government, created after the end of the Clone Wars.

The planet was converted into an Imperial mining world and did not participate in the events of the collision between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.


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