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Elata Cazars was a female Twi'lek Jedi Master and general during the New Sith Wars. Widely considered by her fellow Jedi to be the greatest Jedi Guardian of her generation, she was a member of the Jedi High Council by 1,391 BBY and a life member two years later.


On the Council, Elata sometimes served as a militant foil to Master Tem-Fol-Rytil's slightly more deliberative nature, and often took the field herself to fight the Sith, attending Council meetings by holo.

After the Battle of Gizer in 1,389 BBY, Elata journeyed to Taanab to command the ground contingent of the Battle of Taanab, serving alongside Tirien Kal-Di, Mali Darakhan, See Klees, and other Jedi. While present, she informed Mali Darakhan of Tirien's issues with his Padawan, Narasi Rican, and castigated Tirien for failing to train her. On the final day of battle, Elata dueled the Sith Lord Nerlus Zedum and cut off his sword hand.

By 1,387 BBY Elata was personally leading part of the campaign against Valin Aresh. After Mali Darakhan's somewhat calamitous Mission to Milagro, Elata was vocal in her support of Tirien, Mali, and Slejux Nissatak; she voted with the Jedi Council to let the Crescentia's praxeum council deal with Tirien and Slejux and to spare Mali in exchange for his opposition to Tyson Dumiel's Corellian Conclave not because she agreed with the plan, but because it presented the best opportunity for all three Knights to quickly return to the field, where Elata felt they belonged.

In 1,386 BBY, Elata voted against the majority of the Jedi Council in offering Tirien a position as an instructor at the Jedi Temple—knowing him as she did, she felt he still needed a bit more seasoning, but the main reason was that she felt it would be a waste of his talents.

After Vedya Gasald conquered Allanteen Six and Corellia balked, Elata supported Mali in preparing his invasion fleet. After he liberated Milagro, though, she continued to press him to return his forces to the northern front, where she was struggling to hold Aresh at bay. When Kenza Rowkwani killed Eviar Seldec, Elata made it an order, and Mali sent back a hundred capital ships and his own apprentice, Aldayr Nikodon. Though she tried to force Aresh into a decisive engagement, she was outmaneuvered, and Aresh won a victory at the Battle of Garqi; Elata was forced to report to Mali that Aldayr had been lost along with the Guardian.

Powers and Abilities

Though many Jedi, including Tirien Kal-Di, considered Jedi Battlemaster Argus Z'dar the greatest swordsman in the Order, Master Cazars was, like Sil Kadych, his nearest peer. She was a seasoned battle commander and strategist, trusted with masterminding the entire northern war against Valin Aresh. Her knowledge of the Force was so deep that she was given a life seat on the High Council.

Appearance and Personality

A green-skinned Twi'lek, Elata had gold eyes and a face which Tirien Kal-Di thought looked decades younger than she really was. Like most Jedi Guardians, she bore a lightsaber with a blue blade; when she entered combat, she often tied her lekku back with a leather headpiece.

Elata was a hardworking Jedi with a deep knowledge of military strategy and tactics. Though generally accepted to be among the finest of Jedi warriors in her generation, she did not relish killing and sought to end battles quickly and decisively. She had no patience for equivocation or slacking, but adamantly supported those she felt worked hard and contributed their best abilities to the fight against the Sith. She also pushed some Knights she felt could be great, such as Tirien Kal-Di and Mali Darakhan, to excel.


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