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Eire Willamina Solus was a female Polydroxol Mandalorian captain who was in command of the Gamma-1 and Sabertooth squad. Born on Sevetta in 686 ABY, she was banished from the planet when she was mistakenly accused of killing her brother. She ended up on Dathomir and discovered her Force sensitivity before joining with a group of Nightsisters for some time. When the Nightsisters attempted to kill her, she quickly left Dathomir and rejected the ways of the Nightsisters. Teaming up with a retired spice dealer named Herroth, she went to Nar Shaddaa for a job. She helped him sober up as he helped her find her way in the galaxy. Herroth was able to become a cunning pilot and piloted on the ships Eire served on.

Eire ended up working as a bounty hunter for a powerful Hutt named Vaggon the Hutt. Using a ship known as The Ripper, Eire took down Vaggon's enemies across the galaxy. After taking down numerous targets and enemies of Vaggon, the Cartel saw Eire as a threat and tried to eliminate her. Eire was forced to kill Vaggon and leave Nar Shaddaa. On her way out, she was attacked by Vaggon's bounty hunters. They almost killed her before she was saved by a Mandalorian named Allison Willamina Skirata. Eire showed potential and was offered to join the Mandalorians.

As a Mandalorian, Eire quickly climbed the ranks, showing competance and ingenuity during every mission. Though The Ripper had been destroyed, she amassed the credits she had left to order the construction of a Nova-class battlecruiser. Eire modified it as she saw fit. Dubbing the starship Gamma-1, Eire traversed the galaxy, doing missions for the Mandalorians. When the Second Mandalorian Civil War occured, Eire joined the Loyalists. She participated in the Defense of Manda, maintaning its position as a Loyalist-held planet. Her efforts, however, were in vain. The Mandalorian Civil War ended. Eire was admitted into the new Mandalorians and eventually married the leader of the Loyalists, Lucius Veshok.


Early Life

Eire was born under the name Sertah Larrick to Daertan and Serra Larrick in 686 ABY in Arrun, Sevetta. Her father was a high ranking man and her mother was an officer. She had one brother, Sertan. Eire stayed on Sevetta for most of her life, training to become an officer like her mother. Sevetta had a high honor system. There were numerous trials for Eire to do before she became an officer.

Sertan shared Eire's ambition to join the Sevettan Police Force and the two thusly did their trials together. However, Eire was outperforming Sertan in almost every way. In 921 BBY, Daertan announced that he was stepping down from his position. Eire was chosen to inherit the position, which she graciously accepted. Sertan was jealous, however. He decided to kill her during their next training session. The two, training near a volcano, had an argument before Sertan attempted to push Eire into a volcano. Eire, using the Force for the first time, blasted Sertan back, into the volcano.

Daertan was outraged at this. Though Eire insisted it was in defense, Daertan denied Eire's claims and stripped her of her title. She was banished from Arrun and most other towns had been ordered to banish her too. Eire lived alone for five years before an unknown Sith on Sevetta met her and offered to train her. Eire was taken to a Star Destroyer. There, she learned of the Sith plot to take over the Empire and rule the galaxy again. Eire quickly left the Sith and attempted to join the Jedi.

The Jedi didn't seem right for Eire either. She saw many of them as hypocrites. Hearing of a group of Force users that weren't Jedi or Sith, she went to Dathomir to search for them, leaving the Jedi. She traveled Dathomir for months before she was discovered by the Nightsisters. A Nightsister attempted to attack her. Eire defended herself and killed the Nightsister before mimicking most of her features. Other Nightsisters saw this and were very impressed. They offered to take Eire in and train her.


I know hate. Hate is something you draw negative power on. It twists and perverts you and believe me, you don't want to follow hatred.
—Eire, as a bounty hunter, reflects on her past as a Nightsister

The Nightmother trained Eire in the ways of the Force. Over the span of decades, Eire became one of the top Nightsisters in her clan. She did numerous missions for the Nightsisters, which worked for Eire's betterment. The clan focused on stealth and infiltration. Since Eire was a shapeshifter, she was practically in her natural habitat. Of course, this life did not last.

Eire did not have the cold heart necessary to be a Nightsister. She was merciful, reasonable, and kind. The other Nightsisters saw this as a weakness, though they knew how she fought so they left her alone. However, one event in particular drove Eire off the edge. The Nightsisters were torturing a spice dealer named Herroth Ker. Herroth had once had a somewhat decent life, but that has long since passed.

The Nightsisters tortured the man while Eire pleaded for them to stop. She saw the torture unnecessary and cruel. When he attempted to defend himself, the leader of the group, Juno, cut his legs off at the knees with a lightwhip and began choking Herroth with a spice flask. Eire pleaded for Juno to stop torturing the man, but Juno deemed Eire as 'not a Nightsister' and attacked her.

Eire defended herself and was forced to kill the Nightsisters attacking her. During the fight, Herroth had passed out. When the fight was over, Eire woke him up and consoled him. As he came to, he offered her passage on his personal shuttle. The two went to Nar Shaddaa and parted ways for a while. Eire took up a human appearance and adoped the name 'Eire'. She took up bartending in Little Y'Toub Bar while Herroth went to rehab.

When Little Y'Toub was shut down due to low funds, Eire was jobless again. She quickly found herself needing money to pay for the apartment she had bought.

Days as a Bounty Hunter


Eire, retaining much of her training from the Police Corp. on Sevetta, began taking notice of people with bounties on their heads. She started using her bare fists as weapons, but the money she collected quickly allowed her to buy better weapons, including a pair of Bryar rifles, which she quickly converted into Bryar pistols, her trademark weapon.

As the competition got tougher, Eire became more creative to compensate. Before long, she was the most successful freelance bounty hunter on the Promenade at the time. This caught the notice of several other bounty hunters, who attempted to kill her to eliminate competition. None were successful. Crime lords began to notice Eire. The Hutt Cartel wanted her first.

Working With the Hutts

Several Hutts wanted Eire as their personal bounty hunters. Eire graciously accepted the offer. She would receive extra funding from the Hutts, but she could not accept contracts from anybody else. While it did limit her pickings a bit, the bounties Eire pursued were high-paying hits and she was able to keep anything she wanted that the Cartel didn't want from her targets.

These contracts provided her with credits, allowing her to afford more weapons and pay for her apartment. She was on-call; if a Hutt needed her, they'd call and she'd do what they wanted her to do. Eire did not like spending money. It was rare that she spent on things she didn't need. Her apartment was almost bare, though she had the money to fully furnish it in new, luxurious furniture with plenty of money left over.

A high-paying offer was sent to Eire by Vaggon the Hutt. Vaggon controlled a massive portion of Nar Shaddaa at the time. The Hutts were currently battling the reborn forces of the Exchange criminal syndicate. Eire accepted the offer and was solely employed by Vaggon.

Vaggon's Bounty Hunter

Where are Vaggon's credits?
—Eire interrogating a target

Eire's first job for Vaggon was a low-risk job requiring her to hunt down a bartender in a bar on the Promenade. She performed well on this job, resulting in Vaggon giving her a riskier job. As she continued to do riskier jobs, the credits continued to roll in, the pay increasing each job she took. Within a few years, she was Vaggon's chief bounty hunter .

With the money she'd acquired, she purchased a downsized ShaShore Frigate. She replaced much of the crew with automated controls and droids, but kept some of them. She hired the only pilot she knew: Herroth Ker. Herroth had finished rehab and was taking up piloting. He had competed in several flying competitions and won. When Eire asked him to fly for her, he immediately joined up with her.

The frigate known as The Ripper took Eire around the galaxy to look for people with sizeable bounties on their heads posted by Vaggon. When one smuggler left Vaggon's cartel and killed some of his men, he posted a sizeable bounty on his head. The man, named Dash Aria, continued to cross Vaggon until the bounty on his head was one of the highest Vaggon had ever posted.

Hunt of Dash Aria

Eire took The Ripper to Tatooine, Dash Aria's home planet. She followed his trail from Tatooine to Corellia, where she was not only fed incorrect intel, but her offenses caused her to get banned from Corellia. A faint trail led to Taris, where Aria was hiding. Eire took The Ripper to Taris to find Dash Aria. There, she teamed up with multiple bounty hunters.

The informant, Warren, betrayed Eire and kidnapped her. When she broke out, she was able to find Dash Aria leaving Taris. She took The Ripper back into space where she shot down Dash Aria's ship. The fight resulted in the destruction of several skyscrapers. Eire payed for some of the damage, but depended on the credits being provided by Dash Aria's bounty.


Upon returning to Nar Shaddaa, Eire found herself met with hostility from Vaggon. Teaming up with multiple bounty hunters to take down Dash Aria and killing multiple valuable Hutt assets along the way forced Vaggon to post a bounty on her head. Eire was forced to fight her way out of Vaggon's palace, resulting in the deaths of several guards and, eventually, Vaggon himself.

Vaggon's death left a void in Nar Shaddaa and the Hutt Cartel. Vaggon's territory descended into civil war. As the Exchange took the opportunity to take parts of Vaggon's territory, Vaggon's heirs squabbled over his palace. Eire herself left Nar Shaddaa, only to be hunted by a large fleet of bounty hunters. A battle commenced in Nar Shaddaa's orbit, resulting in the destruction of The Ripper. Luckily for Eire, a Mandalorian named Allison Willamina Skirata was able to save Eire and some of her crew from their death. Eire, proving prowess in the fight, was offered to join the Mandalorians.


Then Ni kar'Eire gai Allison Skirata'ad. You are now Eire Willamina Skirata of clan Skirata my daughter and family.
—Allison inducting Eire into the Mandalorians

Eire proved to be an asset to the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians, who had just recently been pushed from their homes by the Sith, were forced to work silently, something Eire was good at. As Eire did more missions for the Mandalorians, her rank increased. The last of her credits from her bounty hunting days were spent on a new ship, a Hapan Nova-Class Cruiser known as Gamma-1.

As her ship was under construction, Eire scoured the galaxy for parts for her ship. A massive AI was installed throughout the ship. The AI, developed on M4-78, cut down on the crew size drastically. Eire also stole an experimental stealth engine from an outpost deep in Imperial territory. She narrowly escaped with the device and her life. Eire also befriended a Jedi named Leon Kovik, who helped Eire reconnect and develop a more healthy relationship with the Force.

Returning to Nar Shaddaa

You started a war, Eire."

  • "Let's not say that too loud, Leon.

—Eire Skirata and Leon Kovik discussing the crisis following Vaggon's death

After Eire had left, the civil war between the lesser Hutts had worsened. Vaggon's son, Valen the Hutt, had been the victor thus far. Valen was cruel and incompetant; the district would surely suffer under Valen's rule. Eire returned to Nar Shaddaa where she was aided by Leon Kovik and a woman named Circe. There, they joined with the Exchange's forces to fight Valen. An exchange general named Moriarty, a man who had eluded Eire when she was a bounty hunter.

Valen's Palace was surrounded. As Eire and her party stormed the palace, but they were apprehended and thrown in the Nexu pit. The four killed the Nexu and Eire, seeing an opportunity to set her record straight, killed Moriarty and offered his body to Valen so he'd let Circe, Leon, and Eire out of the pit. It was a ruse, however, and Eire assassinated Valen. The throne room was stormed by battle droids.

Meanwhile, the Exchange was bombing Valen's Palace. Just as it seemed like they wouldn't make it, Herroth picked the group up using the newly constructed Gamma-1. Eire and Circe evacuated the palace as Leon covered their exit. As more battle droids entered the room, Leon was shot. He sacrificed himself so Eire and Circe could evacuate. He died a few minutes later in the medic bay on the Gamma-1.

Sabertooth Squad

Eire was promoted to Captain soon after helping pacify Vaggon's district. She put together a group of Mandalorians. Dubbed 'Sabertooth Squad', the group consisted of eight people. Herroth was the Lieutenant and XO of Sabertooth squad. Jericho, the wookie, was in charge of heavy weapons. Jenkins, who had signed on with Eire early on, was a sniper. The Iktotchi, Metuenda, was in charge of demolitions. The silent Cathar, Satori, was Eire's stealth and assassination expert. Ekho was a talented sniper training under Jenkins. Deneris was an infantryman who was later trained in the ways of the Force by Eire. The ever-eager Skot was also an infantryman.

As the Mandalorians gave Eire more missions, Sabertooth squad's name grew and grew. The armory was expanded as Eire acquired more weapons and suits of armor. Among these are a wrist launcher and a jetpack. Eire also had a suit of armor for most climates, including one that blended in to the ambient background on Eire's command.

Eire was put in charge of the colonization of Manda. The zone selected for the base was currently undergoing a harsh winter, though it was non-negotiable. As the modular base was put together, Eire conversed with another Mandalorian helping with the colonization efforts: Lucius Veshok. As the two conversed, a third Mandalorian, Virro Fett, announced the discovery of an old Baobab base.

Eire, seeing that the base probably has something important in it, took Lucius and Virro to investigate. There, they discovered that a nest of Kinrath inhabited the base. Eire fought her way to the central core where Lucius killed the Kinrath queen as Eire took some data from the old computers. It detailed the location of an old Baobab space station. The space station was renovated. Over time, both the base and the space station would grow much larger. Eire was promoted to Commander due to her role in the colonization of Manda.

After the base was set up, Eire was sent to investigate an Imperial outpost on Dathomir. While she was uneasy about it, Circe came to back her up. It turned out to be a ruse and Eire was captured by the Nightsisters and taken to the Infinity Gate. The Infinity Gate was being powered, but it did not have the energy to act as a gate. It would instead destroy anything that touched it.

The Nightsisters, about to excecute Eire, ended broke free and attacked the Nightsisters. Tapping into the Dark Side of the Force, Eire used her lightwhip and the Force for the first time in a very long time. The battle left several Nightsisters dead, including the Night Mother. Circe offered to teach Eire about the Force, but Eire knew she needed to control her emotions before she was ready to open herself up to the Force again.

Civil War

Honor is dead

When the Second Mandalorian Civil War struck, Eire declared herself a Loyalist. As the Separatists fought the Loyalists in several battles, Eire worked on hunting down a top Separatist general: Kalen Bralor. Bralor was out to redeem the name of her clan and declared Bralor a Separatist clan. She was cunning, smart, and her and Eire had a history together.

Eire's hunt for Bralor took her across the galaxy, leading her into dead end after dead end. Eire was soon called to Manda; Separatist forces were about to attack the planet. She warped Gamma-1 to Manda and fought off an invasion force. The battle was long and the Loyalist forces were outnumbered, but Eire and her crew helped secure a Loyalist victory in the war.

The victory did not last, however. The Loyalist forces and the Separatist forces met at a conclave at Corden Vencu's ship. The meeting turned into a massacre. Eire was not left out; she was attacked by Kalen Bralor, resulting in the death of Bralor. As force fields activated to keep the Mandalorian forces from attacking each other, Lucius, commander of the Loyalist forces, and Vencu had a battle to determine the fate of the clans.

Vencu was the victor. He spared Lucius. It seemed like a victory for the Mandalorians, but Eire was heartbroken. Lucius was critically injured and the Separatists had won the war. Lucius was stablilized before being allowed to transfer to Gamma-1's medic bay. When Lucius came to, Eire comforted him. The two realised their love for each other and made love.


As the clans rebuilt, Eire and Lucius allowed the Mandalorians to move on from the war. Though tensions were high, there was no need to do further damage. Eire and Lucius began dating. As things progressed, Lucius proposed to Eire. The marriage would be historical; a merger between the Skirata and Veshok clans. They would call the clan Solus; the Mandalorian word for 'one' or 'united'.


Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde
—Eire reciting her wedding vows

Eire and Lucius were married roughly a year after the end of the Second Mandalorian Civil War. The wedding was a quiet wedding on Lukaren. The reception saw many reunions. Daertan Larrick, unknown to Eire, was attending his daughter's wedding. He was sorry for banishing Eire and he was proud of what she'd accomplished. Eire finally made up with her father.

The wedding resulted in clans Skirata and Veshok merging as one clan. Eire adopted the name Eire Solus, reflecting the merger.

Hunt for the Talismans

We're not doing this for fame, money, or ourselves. We're not doing this for the Mandalorians or our allies. We are doing this for the entire galaxy, and make no mistake, if this mission does not work; if we do not destroy this Talisman, the entire galaxy may one day fall to this Talisman.
—Eire talking to Sabertooth Squad about the Talisman of Control

Clan Solus, while still fighting alongside the other Mandalorian clans, was unique in that it was the only clan to openly endorse the use of the Force in combat. While not to be used as a crutch, the Force was openly practiced by many members of the clan. Despite this, many Force-users in Solus used guns as opposed to lightsabers in weapons. Despite the former Loyalists all being demoted, leaving Eire a Captain again, she trained the Force sensitives of the clan, including Palin Deneris in Eire's Sabertooth squad.

As Solus members trained, Eire searched for Talismans left over by the Nightsisters. She originally used their powers to her advantage, but quickly realised the harm in doing so and began hunting the powerful Talismans down. She used the Talisman of Finding, a Talisman that would react to the proximity of other Talismans, to find other Talismans and destroy them.

Eire used it to find several Talismans before discovering the Talisman of Finding's twin. The two created a map when put together. This map revealed the location of every Talisman in the galaxy. Eire used this to find the Talisman of Control. Talisman of Control had the power to take away the free will of anyone and control people to do the user's bidding. The only way it was able to be destroyed was to be merged with the Talisman of Confusion, which Eire already had on the Gamma-1.

The Talisman of Control was traced to Tatooine. It was urgent to go to Tatooine; the Galactic Alliance was forcing the Mandalorians out of the borrowed territory. Eire had already dismantled the Manda base, but the Tatooine base was still open for now. Eire brought Sabertooth squad down where they teamed up with a group of Tusken Raiders when it was discovered that the Talisman was in a sarlaac.

The group went into the sarlaac to retrieve the Talisman.

Personality and traits

My long-term goal is to use the Force again, but responsibly. I think the Force is amazing, but not something to be underestimated. It's not a matter of controlling the Force, but a matter of controlling yourself when it comes to using the Force. Aaaand I am not controlled.
—Eire discussing her relationship with the Force

Eire was noteably intelligent and cunning, mastering the art of deception and infiltration. She was an excellent actor for this reason and could put on a number of emotional masks to cover up true emotions. Ironically, Eire was somewhat gullible. While this was usually taken advantage of by her friends playing jokes on her, she had been given false intel numerous times.

Despite her ability to shapeshift and use the Force, Eire kept both secret. She feared that she would be seen as more than the average person if people discovered her ability, which would not only annoy her to talk about, but it could also lead to infiltration of an enemy that much more difficult if word got out that a shapeshifter was in the deck.

Eire's relationship with the Force has been noteably bitter. As a Nightsister, she used the Force to her heart's content, tapping into the dark side with ease. When she left the Nightsisters, she began to see the Force as a corruption and, thus, rarely used it. As her understanding of the Force increased, she came to the realisation that the Force is like an ocean; it can be used for power, but it is very easy for one to drown in it. Because of this, she slowly opened herself up to the Force again.

Eire had a sarcastic and deadpan sense of humor. She got along well with people, but if someone proved they were incompetant, Eire's attitude would be bitter towards that individual for a very long time. In her free time, Eire enjoyed watching movies or target practice. Later on, she enjoyed practicing with the Force.

Powers and Abilities

As a former high-ranking Nightsister, Eire has a relatively good command of the Force. She was a master at Force Lightning, able to cook flesh off of bones and hit multiple targets at once. Eire was also naturally talented at telekinesis, the first Force power she had ever used. She was able to use it to push, pull, and lift targets, flinging them at high velocities. She could also choke people with the Force.

As a Polydroxol, Eire could naturally shapeshift. Due to this, she had the power to change her features, voice, and shape. She was one of the most talented infiltrators in the galaxy due to this reason. Due to her metallic structure, she was able to punch with a massive amount of Force and take more damage than most other species in the galaxy.

Eire was very proficient with a lightwhip. One of the only non-Nightsister users of a lightwhip in the galaxy at the time, Eire rarely used the lightwhip since she rarely used the Force either. In combat, Eire was known for carrying two Bryar pistols. She had excellent aim with the Bryar pistols. She was known for being an excellent hacker and being very charismatic.

Behind the Scenes

Eire was created by user Old Spice for the Fifth Timeline Legacies of Eire had gone through several drafts before Old Spice started RPing as her. She was originally intended to be a male, but the idea was changed to a female character a bit later on. She was also originally intended to be Old Spice's Sith character, but he decided it was better for her to be a freelancer. She is Old Spice's most active character; he started RPing as her on October 19th, 2011 and he continues to play as her.

Eire is another name for the Republic of Ireland. Eire was meant to emulate a banshee from Irish folklore, albeit a repentant one.


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