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Eighth Fleet also known as Republic Fleet 418 or Eighth Fleet of the Open Circle Fleet was the Grand Fleet of Cody Skywalker and his apprentices, Jordan Sänterío and Miä Eris. It was constructed over Kuat in the Shipyard Sector 804 where its construction was overseen by Cody Skywalker himself in 22 BBY. He made sure the fleet's technology was not stolen by installing Anti-tech Stealing Devices. The fleet's construction was finished just in time for the Clone Wars. It participated in almost every major battle. By the Empire, the fleet served the Republic for 81 more years in the Stealth Wars.



Once, Cody Skywalker had just noticed that the action in the War was rising, he decided that he needed a weapon or Navy to fight in intergalactic battles of the Republic. After long consideration, he decided to order a Republic Fleet. Cody imidiately travelled in a Consular-class Cruiser to Kuat. There he ordered a massive Republic fleet. The fleet had special Mass Driver Technology and dozens of Heavy Quad-Turbolasers. He made sure it composed of only Venator-class Star Destroyers and Tartan II-class Patrol Cruisers and their complementing fighters. After he filled out the fleet order form, he informed the Republic of his fleet's construction. Kuat Drive Yards cominced building Cody's fleet imidiately. 10 minutes after the fleet's construction had begun, Palpatine announced that the fleet would soon be finished to the entire Republic Senate. Meanwhile, in some nearby systems, multiple Confederacies and Consortiums were viewing the Intergalactic Republic Holovision when they all saw announcement. At that moment, they all decided to annihilate Cody's new fleet. They knew it would be a mjor threat to their forces.  

The Battle of Kuat

This was the longest, most devistating battle the galaxy would have ever experienced. We will remember the efforts of the 150,000 people who passed away today.
Cody Skywalker after the Battle of Kuat

In less than 2 weeks the CIS and 16 other Consortiums finally decided to assault the fleet while they could. They needed to destroy the Fleet before it destroyed them. They all knew by the time it would be completed, that Palpatine would order Cody Skywalker to finish off the entire CIS Navy and everything that stood against the Republic.

All the forces came out of Hyperspace at many different times and started firing at the construction docks. The Republic was to have Heavy Ray Shields mounted on the cruisers and docks. They were activated when the enemies arrived and it absorbed most of the lasers fired at them. The Republic had 20 Warships ready and protecting them; one containing Cody Skywalker and his apprentices. Once the battle had cominced, the consortiums noticed each other and started to fire on each other, too. Soon, the forces started firing at each other. They did not notice that the Republic was wiping them out. All the forces, except the Galactic Republic, Confedercy of Independent Systems, Hapes Consortium, and the Zann Consortium were destroyed and/or retreating. Then all the forces called for more reinforcements. The battle continuued for 8 hours. After 2 hours of raging battle, the Zann Consortium quit and left. Not long after, the Hapes Consortium found the battle "noneof their consern". At the end of the Battle the Republic emerged victorious. All of the fleet was in tact.

Commission to War

Because the rise of the Saboteurs, the Republic will commission your new Fleet to destroy other Fleets planning sabotaging or crimes of corruption.
Palpatine to Cody Skywalker

After the completion Eighth Fleet, Cody Skywalker quickly contacted Chancellor Palpatine urging him not to announce the Fleet's existence. After a qyuick call through the Holonet, Palpatine commissioned Cody to a Saboteur/Corruption Campaign against the Confederacy. The cause of this was that the CIS was continuusly sabotaging Republic warships, bases, and structures, as well as corrupting systems. This would cause the technology of the Republic to fall to the CIS and cause credits to be mindlessly lost. The Republic was beginning to lose allied systems and money from trade routes for improvements and negotiation with other systems because of this. To prevent this Cody would have to destroy the reported Fleet that contains the Saboteurs, and any enemy shuttles/landingcraft approching a system or planet. After destroying the Axis Fleet, Cody would send the Sixth Invasion Fleet, a fleet of Acclamator I-class Star Destroyers, to invade, liberate, remove corruption from the planet. Most of the Eighth Fleet's work would be in destroying Axis Fleets. The Campaign's job was mainly Cody Skywalker's. In 23 BBY, Cody Skywalker first launched Eighth Fleet from Kuat to Geonosis to assist a distress call from Admiral Yularen, at the Battle of Geonosis.

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