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Educator droids, also called "teacher droids" and "roboprofessors", were third-degree droids designed to teach information to sentient organic beings. They were used to supplement or entirely replace actual organic teachers, usually due to a shortage of qualified organics.

Design and features

Conceived as a cross between a protocol droid's translation and databank capabilities and an administrative droid's service to organics without the protocol droid's "prissy" demeanor, educator droids were designed to conduct classes of sentients alone. As a result, they had slightly firmer, less subservient personalities than other classes of personal droids when dealing with pupils, and were authorized to correct and apply disciplinary measures to their students, though they maintained a more traditional, servant-master relationship with whatever principal, provost, or other agent was ultimately responsible for the students' education.

Given a build similar to a protocol droid, educator droids were able to manipulate holoprojectors and writing instruments, and most carried holoprojectors themselves, necessitating a slightly bulkier torso build. Many models also had viewscreens embedded in their chestplates for use when classrooms did not come equipped with viewscreens of their own.

Most models of educator droids had inconspicuous photoreceptors installed in the backs of their heads to complement the main, larger receptors in the front, allowing them to monitor their students even when engaged in other tasks. Educator droids usually carried a reduced translation package from protocol models, though they were always equipped with any language they would encounter in their work.

Educator droids could be programmed to teach any academic subject, including languages. Most had numerous disciplines in their programming to allow them to make cross-discipline connections, such as those between chemistry and biology or physics and astrogation.

Educator droids came in a number of colors, though usually more muted version than their protocol cousins, such as gray, white, green, and blue, avoiding the more garish silver and gold.


Many governments, both overarching and planetary, made use of educator droids for civic and adult education. The Sith Lord Tak Sakaros also had several of the droids, "acquired" from his official position as Senator of Naboo. He used them to teach his daughter, Rin Sakaros, subjects of which he himself was not the ideal tutor, such as biology, chemistry, and advanced mathematics.

When Rin became Queen of the Golden Empire, she licensed educator droid technology to companies in the Empire and made use of the droids in her own government, teaching academics to Novices of the Order of Keltrayu and aiding the organic staff of the Educational Expansion Corps.

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