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Eddba Klval was the co-leader of the Jedi Order, around 70 ABY. He was born on Corellia, in 1 ABY. He led the Jedi with the Mogdopian Harry Gon-Dorff during the Darth James war. His Padawan was Jack Finch and his twin brother was Freddba Klval.


Death at the hands of Darth JamesEdit

In 70 ABY, Darth James' efforts to rebuild the Sith Order were nearly complete. He attacked the Republic that same year, under the disguise of a pirate fleet led by a dark Jedi. Klval's Padawan, Jack (now a Jedi Master himself), learned the truth of James' operation during an encounter on the remote planet Robill. When Master Finch reported the Sith lord's identity to his master, Klval was skeptical. However, moments later, Darth James himself broke into the Jedi temple, killed Eddba and engaged Jack.


Klval's spirit was present at the celebration on Mogdopia, after the fall of James' empire.

Appearances Edit

  • The Darth James Saga- The Sith Army (First appearance)
  • The Darth James Saga- The Sith Army: Game Book
  • The Darth James Saga- The Final Conflicts