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Edar "Mouth" Hess was a male Givin who served first with Xeno Squad from 5 ABY to 7 ABY, and then with the Wraiths until 20 ABY. In addition to being a gifted slicer, he also flew an X-wing on several of his missions, and occasionally used his unique species-specific skills to perform zero-gravity ops. He retired after the truce with the Empire, citing severe arthritis from overuse of his vacuum-resistance ability.

Battle of RodiaEdit

During the Rodia campaign, Mouth's aerospace support was instrumental to Xeno Squad's success on the ground. He flew a Z-95 Headhunter, and led the Hui Clan -- including a young Andoorni Hui -- into battle after training them.

During the air battle over Rodia, Mouth shot down 9 enemies. Only Andoorni, with 11 kills, put up a higher number.

Nar Shaddaa OpEdit

After Wor Martere took command of Xeno Squad, Mouth continued flying aerospace support for them, and also took a much more active role on the ground as the unit's full-time slicer. He both ran starfighter interference and bypassed electronic security for Xeno Squad during their final mission, in which they hijacked a major bacta shipment and brought it back to Coruscant. While on Nar Shaddaa, Xeno Squad also helped New Republic Intelligence agent Max Silvstedt put down the Shadow Killer, Ket Maliss, who was planning to cripple the Hutt Crime Syndicate by spreading Krytos to the Hutts. Mouth was instrumental in getting Silvstedt into the warehouse where he eventually killed Maliss.

Wraith SquadronEdit

About a year after Xeno Squad disbanded, Mouth was transferred to The Wraiths to replace their previous slicer, Lara Notsil. He fit right in with his new unit, due to his highly developed sense of humor and unusual methods of applying tactical thinking.

Behind the scenesEdit

Edar's nickname, "Mouth", came not only from his sharp wit but also from the notoriously large appetites of the Givin species. He was known for being able to consume vast quantities of food.