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Anakin Nakamura


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Everything you want to learn about the Galactic Eclipse Empire is detailed in this sourcebook! Including branches, wars, events, and equipment such as warships, starfighters, weapons, super weapons, and armour.
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The Eclipse Empire Sourcebook is a reference/sourcebook released by Nakamura Interactive for the Galactic Eclipse Empire in the Galactic Eclipse Empire era in 5 ABY and onward. It is solely written and edited by Anakin Nakamura.

The Sourcebook contains all the information for the Eclipse Empire, including events that occurred within the Galactic Eclipse Empire era. The book also includes information for some Imperial, Alliance and other organizations as well such as Nakamura Industries.


Chapter One: Characters

Chapter one focuses on the figures within the New Empire such as Angel and his clones, including various generals, commanders, political representatives, Senators, members of the Judicial branches, and members of other branches. Covering everything from their early lives to the point of their service in the Galactic Eclipse Empire.

Chapter Two: Eclipse Empire

Chapter two focuses on the Galactic Eclipse Empire, this includes each of its service branches, leadership branches, construction branches, and how the humanocentric totalitarian empire came to be.

Chapter Three: Warships and Starfighters

Chapter three focuses on the Eclipse Empire's use of their warships and starfighters such as Tachibana Heavy Engineering's TIE series as well as repossessed ships and starfighters used by the Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire, and Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Chapter Four: Ground vehicles

Chapter four focuses on the Eclipse Army's use of ground vehicles, including walkers, tanks, repulsorlifts, aircraft, and aquatic ships. In this chapter, information regarding these vehicles are given to the reader, including information based on the weapons, specifications, roles, and affiliation of vehicles and aircraft.

Chapter Five: History of the Eclipse era

Chapter five focuses on the entire history of the Eclipse era, including the formation of the Eclipse Empire, its related events, conflicts, enemies, construction of major warships and how they affected the galaxy as well as its affairs and relationships to various companies, corporations, and local planetary governments.

Chapter Six: Imperialist Alliance

Chapter six focuses on the Eclipse Empire's predecessor state, the Imperialist Alliance which covers everything related to it, including executive branches, military and its starships, starfighters, ground vehicles, and aircraft.

Chapter Seven: Imperial remnants

Chapter seven focuses on the groups and factions of the Imperial remnants, including their founders, leaders, branches, how strong they are, and what warships, starships, starfighters, transports, ground vehicles, and aircraft they use as well as where they have located their headquarters.

Chapter Eight: Alliance remnants

Chapter eight focuses on the groups and factions of the Alliance remnants, including the founders, leaders, branches, how powerful they are, and what they used in terms of ships, starfighters, transports, ground vehicles, and aircraft as well as the location of the headquarters of each group and faction.

Chapter Nine: Other

Chapter nine has no central focus, instead it gives information regarding other organizations and groups that aren't aligned with the Galactic Eclipse Empire such as Nakamura Industries and its products. Other groups include those involved in the War Against Earth, such as the Confederate States and Union States.


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Behind the scenes

Despite being both a source and reference book for the Galactic Eclipse Empire, the book included quotes for each of the topics covered such as characters, organizations, warships, vehicles, and droids.

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