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Echo Delrissian, better known as Echo Kor Vella, was born on the Core World of Corellia. He was raised in a militaristic family that had a hand in the Corellian Security or Military Force for thousands of years. He fought alongside Jedi Knights Scott Borek, Shyla Spearrunner, Alec Prime, and Anon Sel-Kerris during his career. He was a veteran of the Great Galactic War and the war that followed the short period, known as the Dark Age. His first battle in the Great Galactic War was the Battle of Corellia, which also marked the return of Borek and Prime to the known galaxy. The battle gave him his adopted last name Kor Vella.


Early life

Echo was born in the city of Bela Vistal on Corellia, though his family lineage has blood in every major Corellian city. He was raised in a strong military environment, and he also developed an interest in combat and the military as a child. He proceeded to enlist in the Corellian Security Force, also known as CorSec as a means to train himself and gain experience before he completed his plan in serving for the Coruscant Security Force; at the time it was the pinnacle in his field and in the military field as well.

Around 25 BBY murmurs of reinstating a galactic-wide military for the Republic was brewing in the Senate. As the Great Militia Debate began, Kor Vella began to prepare for the military life, because he said 'he wanted to have an advantage against competing officers'. He anticipated a ruling in favor of the militia by 22 BBY, but to his delight, and dismay, the Coo-Neo Crisis sped up the debate and re-instituted the military a full year before he had planned, as the Great Galactic War broke out.

He served a full two years before seeing any action, because he was stationed far within the Core Worlds, on his homeplanet of Corellia. Witnesses said this frustrated and angered him, even though he did attain the rank of Commander, like he had hoped.

Battle of Corellia

Kor Vella served along side Jedi Knights Scott Borek and Alec Prime in his first battle of the war on Corellia. He fought with Prime in Kor Vella, while Borek fought in Coronet. The battle gave him his last name Kor Vella, for his actions, and heroics in the city. He remained stationed on his home system for a standard month after, helping with reorganization, stability and clean up before heading out into the Mid-Rim and Expansion Region for his next assignments.

Behind the scenes

The character's likeness is based on Billy Dee Williams portrayal of Lando Calrissian in the Original Trilogy, specifically Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. He attains the rank of General as did Lando. Echo's real last name was a combination of Billy Dee Williams' middle name, and Lando Calrissian's last name.

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