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The Earth Warriors were a sect of the Gray Jedi that was praised for their adaptive abilities in healing and defending a certain point for their bulkiness and almost seemed to be Earth itself. Although they may have wielded strong healing force powers the Earth Warriors focused more on defending and healing any injured members within the Gray Jedi. The Earth Warriors were founded on 39BBY although it was later destroyed and forgotten in history and only the Ice Sages have any recollection of this long lost sect.

The Earth Warriors were known for using Bo-staffs, this was due to the long-range that it was able to give them. This also helped for their job, defending and stalling anyone suspicious. Along with also healing people to reach a certain point of existence that they believed in, although this was never managed to happen due to an unknown reason that the Earth Warriors were wiped from the history of the Gray Jedi. These ex-members still were alive although the information about them was all scrambled up so a group of ex-members would go to the Ice Sages for help and assistance in rebuilding the glory of the Earth Warriors.

While not proven it was also said that the Earth Warriors had the power to read the future. Even though this was said that they could only see a couple of seconds into the future. With this third eye, they could defend and figure out the motives of the people they are treating.

The Earth Warriors Third-Eye, also known as "The Gift of Gaia". Was given down by generations of Kiretsu's. This third-eye was a mental connection to the Force and the surrounding nature. If used incorrectly or for the purposes against the will of the Kiretsu then the person with the "Gift of Gaia" will be killed in secret to erase or quell the anger from the Force and the tip of the balance.

While the Earth Warriors did lose most of their history an artifact called The Scroll of Gaia remained being passed down to the next generation of warriors. The information found in the Scroll of Gaia was shared by The four clans, these clans are old bloodline organisations that hold strong bloodline abilities unique to their clan.


Ranks in the Earth Warriors from lowest to highest were:

  • Gakusei I
  • Gakusei II
  • Gakusei III
  • Knight of Earthquakes
  • Tamer of the Zafreeti
  • Jishin Master
  • Kiretsu

Patron Animal

Their patron animal was the Zafreeti.

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