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Earth (Örten in Aerlandish) was a planet located on the far edges of the galaxy. It was located in the Solar system, and was first discovered by the N'Akkiarlians in 50,000 BBY, at that time the planet was known as "'Ei-Zonnox" by the N'Akkiarla after the N'Akkiarlian explorer who discovered the planet, a major event in the history of Earth from this period was known as the "Great Birthing" (50,000 BBY - 49,600 BBY), in which the N'Akkiarla began an aggressively mass procreation campaign with the native humans, resulting in the vast majority of Earthlings being part-N'Akkiarlian. Troubles back home meant the ancient N'Akkiarla abandoned Earth, and Earth was eventually forgotten by them for thousands of years until the First N'Akkiarlian Star Empire rediscovered the world in 45,000 BBY.

In 40,000 BBY the N'Akkiarla took some Earthlings and settled them in the Ingza System for an unknown reason, their descendants became the Ingza, most Ingzans are very interested in their Earthling roots, and would love to find Earth and have a "family reunion" with their Earthling siblings. At this time the most powerful kingdom on Earth was the Zeregan Kingdom, ruled by the Zerego family, relatives of the Zarkan family who were taken by the ancient aliens to Ingza Prime, which they would become one of the ruling families of.

As one of the outlying colonies of the N'Akkiarla Earth was a member of the First N'Akkiarlian Confederacy during the N'Akkiarlian Civil War of 40,000 BBY, which was an attempt by the outer N'Akkiarlian colonies to become an independent nation. Earthlings faithfully served the Confederacy and their N'Akkiarlian masters.

One part of N'Akkiarlian culture which particularly stuck within Earthling culture was the "Hall of the Glorious", which was known as the "Hall of the Virtuous" within Earthling culture, much like it's N'Akkiarlian counterpart, the Hall of the Virtuous was a place where the honourable warriors of Earth went upon their death, typically in battle. According to the beliefs of the people of the Northern Coast Culture and their descendants, the Aermen, the Hall of the Virtuous was the place where noble warriors went to drink and make merriment for eternity.

It was said to be a place which any Earthling would go upon their death in battle, in the case of Ahsoka Tano this particular requirement for membership was extended to adopted Earthlings, for whilst Ahsoka Tano was not born an Earthling, she became an adopted Earthling following the fall of the Confederacy.

According to Confederate legend Ahsoka was gifted by God himself with the ability to travel to the Hall of the Virtuous upon her sacrifice at the hands of the Galactic Empire, where she joined her close friend, Jane Zarkan, who had gone to the hall several months prior during the space battle above Earth.

Unlike the N'Akkiarlian version, which was on an island, separated from the rest of Heaven, the Earthling Hall of the Virtuous was found within the realm of Heaven itself, within the region known as the Heroes' Dale, a beautiful green valley covered in a patchwork of fields, woods, rivers and streams, which was flanked by the Fells of the Fallen, the hills surrounding the dale. Entrance to the Hall wasn't restricted to those permitted to enter it, anybody in Heaven could enter the Hall and have a drink with their loved ones.

In 10,000 BBY the nation of Aerland was founded by King Aer I, Aerland was one of the longest lived nations in Earth's history, with a history spanning more than 10,000 years, the Aermen people had lived in the area for millennia prior, the Proto-Aermen having arrived in the Aer Valley around 49,900 BBY, following the Great Southern Migration conducted by their ancestors of the Northern Coast Culture around 50,000 BBY to escape the glaciation of the northern coasts of Earth.

Because Aerland was the original nation on the northern continent of Aerlandia, which was named after Aerland, it was widely considered to be the mother of Aerlandian cultures, many of which were influenced by Aermen language and customs. In addition the people of Aerland were the direct descendants of the Northern Coast Culture people, and spread across the entire western half of the Aerlandian continent, creating new peoples as they went, such as the Zarkanians, the Whitelandians, the Arstotzkans and the Columbians, all of which believed in God and the Hall of the Virtuous.

When Aerland joined the Confederate States of Earth in 21 BBY many Aermen were dismissive of the idea of many Unionists that the Union was worthy of loyalty because it was 60 years old, citing that 60 years was nothing compared to their extremely long history.

Many Unionists think that just because the Union has been a thing for the past 60 years it is worthy of our continued loyalty, I am an Aerman, and I can tell you that 60 years is nothing compared to length of time that my nation has existed, which is almost 10,000 years, in many ways my nation is the mother of the cultures of the Aerland Continent, we were the original and most advanced Aerlandian civilisation, though the history of my people goes back 50,000 years.
—King Aer CCIX on the history of his nation and people

In 21 BBY Separatist scouts discovered the world, and met with the Confederate Parliament of the Confederate States of Earth. The 10 Members of the Confederate Parliament eagerly gave their support for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, resulting in the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance, the Confederate States of Earth later became an official member of the CIS.

The Solar System was divided by two separate system governments, the Solar Confederacy, which was comprised of the Confederate States of Earth and Confederate-supporting planets Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Venus, and the United Solar Federation, which was made up of the Union of Earth States and Union-loyalist planets and moons, such as Luna, Mercury, Phobos and Deimos. The two factions fought the Solar System War, Mars was distinct for being a Confederate-supporting planet which was under Union rule through-out the war, Mars attempted to remove the Union from the world in the Martian Insurrection, though the insurrectionists were defeated, however following the Treaty of Mars, which ended the Solar System War, Mars was given an independence referendum and seceded from the USF to join the Solar Confederacy.

In 1,000 ABY the Third N'Akkiarlian Star Empire rediscovered Earth on their journey to the galaxy, however the N'Akkiarla chose not to invade Earth due to Earth's historical, cultural and genetic relation with the N'Akkiarla, the N'Akkiarla instead made what was effectively first contact and established relations with the Solar System's governments, the N'Akkiarla then used the Solar System as a rally point prior to invading the galaxy.


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