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Earth was an Outer Rim planet that was renowned among a small number of alien civilisations for its aesthetic uniqueness and diverse biomes. However, the inhabitants, a dysfunctional society of humans, were often highly hostile to visitors. The Terrans, or 'Earthlings' to more condescending galactic political entities, are primitive and unaware of the wider galactic scheme of things, but often treat crashed nonhumans with a mix of fascination and suspicion.



Around 4,500,000,000 BBY, 500 million myr before the emergence of life on Goroth Prime, planetary debris was pulled together by Earth's future orbiting body, the star Sol, while it was still in nebula form. Over time, it grew larger and the temperature from being formed by a young star took incredibly long to cool down. It originally had a landscape of volcanoes and lava flows, reminiscent of Mustafar.


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