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I've never seen anyone better in this army."
"Give them a challenge during the war.

—Jango Fett and Lama Su
Eagle Squad, or Eagle Squadron, was a clone trooper squadron during the Clone Wars that was part of the renowned 56th Legion. It was originally called Squad Unit 451, before being implemented into the 456th around 23 BBY, where they went through training simulators under the watchful eye of Senior Clone Commander CC-1211, where they beat records.

Throughout the Clone Wars, they were considered the leaders of the 456th Legion, and were also heroes. Just after the Battle of Kamino, Boomdodger saw that two clone troopers, CT-4892 "Evade" and CT-7922 "Flare" were worthy soldiers and he implemented them into Eagle Squad.

Flare later died during the Battle of Kiros when he was caught in an explosion. During the Mission to Trandosha, CT-9889 met his demise during the battle at the Iron Gauntlet's landing area, a death which Eagle Squad mourned for the remainder of the mission, as he was a founding member. Finally, Evade died during the Invasion of Corellia during one of the longest battles the squad had ever been apart of.

Later on early 19 BBY, the remainder of Eagle Squad went to Kamino, where they had their inhibitor chips removed, allowing them to later defect against Order 66 and fight the Empire.

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