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Throughout the Galactic Empire's brief political existence, an insurgent movement on Eadu opposed the Imperial regime. The insurgents, equipped salvaged or black market weapons, fought with members of the 975th Legion (comprising stormtroopers) and the 617th and 438th Regiments (comprising Army troopers; the latter was primarily made up of native Eaduans). The conflict reached its height in 13 BBY, when local terrorists used thermal imploders sold to them by the Mandalorian warrior Naastau to attack an Imperial Army outpost; dozens of Imperial soldiers were killed in the attack, including the outpost's commander (who was a television celebrity back in the Core Worlds - it was this celebrity's death that briefly brought media attention to the ongoing insurgency). Although the insurgency was largely eradicated by 1 BBY, it would later restart in 5 ABY and successfully ousted the planet's Imperial splinter government after insurgents besieged the capital city; after its liberation, Eadu joined the New Republic.

Yurir Himmabar, a wealthy businessman from the Mid Rim who owned a private security company and moved to Eadu during the Clone Wars as a refugee from a Republic attack on his pro-Separatist homeworld, was named by the Imperial Security Bureau as being among the insurgency's leadership. Himmabar later served the Rebel Navy as a deck officer aboard a corvette, and he was killed in 2 ABY during a failed raid on Imperial asteroid mines. His son, of the same name (often known in Eaduan as "Yjukyurir", meaning "Little Yurir"), was a commander of the insurgency's rebirth in 5 ABY, a former Rebel gunship pilot who most notably fought above Sullust, and later served a public office in the Eaduan government under the New Republic before resigning to serve the New Republic Navy as a training instructor for gunship and transport pilots.

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