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Dyr Xinn was born on Ossus to Jedi Master Mex Xinn and his wife. Dyr was taught the ways of the Force by his father and teachers in the Jedi Temple there. At thirteen Dyr was taken as apprentice to Jedi Master Qirak Lyth. Lyth taught Dyr many things, especially lightsaber forms Niman and Ataru. Dyr was in the final years of his training when the Sith attacked the Empire.

Dyr did not understand why the Empire had to go under the power of the Sith when the Jedi and the Alliance were in fact allies of the Empire but did not even help. Dyr decided that he did not want to help the Alliance or the Jedi anymore. Dyr left the Jedi Order and the Alliance, taking his lightsaber and his own personalized A-wing. He passed himself off as both a mercenary and a bounty hunter for about six years. Dyr refused to hunt Sith, because he knew he wouldn't survive a battle with one. He was beyond willing to hunt Imperial Knights and Jedi. Dyr had captured and used only one Jedi for a bounty and that was his aunt, Jedi Knight Cira Xinn.

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