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The Sith Dynasties were the sum total of all Sith organizations/sects that existed from c. 28,000 BBY to 4000 ABY.

Sith Dynasty sects

  • House of Adas
  • Sith Empire (Pre-Sith Civil War)
    • Old Kissai
  • Sith Empire (Post-Sith Civil War)
    • Lords of the Sith
  • Naddists
  • Sith Empire (Great Sith War)
    • Brotherhood of the Sith
    • Krath
    • Mecrosa Order
  • Kunists
  • New Sith Empire
    • Neo-Sith
  • Order of the Sith Lords
  • Resurrected Brotherhood of the Sith
  • Fists of Maul
  • Vader's Sith
  • Order of the Sith Knights