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Dylki Maloc 2
Dylki Maloc
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Dylki Maloc was a male Zabrak member of the Jedi Order.


Dylki grew up on Iridonia and went to a public school before leaving and going to the Jedi Order.

Young Age through TeenageEdit

As a young child, Dylki was raised by his family to accept everyone for their differences. He as a kid was very artistic. He was a talented singer growing up to his teenage years were in Middle School, before being found by the Jedi, he realized he was Bisexual. He fell in love with a fellow Zabrak, Cordyl Phikid. But their love was short lived when the Jedi Order discovered him and took him to the Temple.

Life as a PadawanEdit

Dylki Maloc 3

Dylki as a Padawan.

Dylki as a padawan was very rebellious, and had to be pulled out of deadly situations by his master, Roth-Del Masona. He was also very political to a point were he was about to leave the order and join the senate as a Representative for Iridonia.


Dylki Maloc

Dylki on the Council.

After 10 years of training, Dylki was promoted to a Jedi Knight. He was highly loved by the order for his mastery of Jar'Kai. He was one of the only Jedi to master the form. Recently, Cordyl Phikid was elected as the Senator of Iridonia. Dylki spoke with him and they are currently having a secret relationship. Dylki has taken on a female Twi'Lek padawan named Kaah Lannik. She is very much like he master in his early days. Also, Dylki served in the Legacy Wars (A war between Sith and Jedi). There he was rewarded the Black Bracelet for saving civilians form be innocently murdered by Sith. After the death of a respected Jedi, He was given a seat on the Jedi Council.