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The Dune Sea was a vast, sandy desert that stretched across the surface of Tatooine. In the Tatooine navigation system, it was located in the planet's first quadrant, and it housed the Ophuchi Sanctuary.


The Dune Sea was said to have been a barren tract incapable of supporting a population other than the native species, as the sand plains were devoid of moisture and vegetation. The large sector of the world was once a large inland sea, but extreme shifts in temperature caused the water to run dry and make the entire area inhospitable to almost all life. A Human could easily have dehydrated after only thirty minutes under the twin suns, though many people believed that this was not the case. As the years went by, this mindset diminished.[1]

During the time of the Infinite Empire, the Rakatans build a star temple in a cave in the Eastern Dune Sea. Inside of this temple they placed a star map that would help locate the Star Forge, a Rakatan super weapon. During the Jedi Civil War, the star map, which was being guarded by a krayt dragon was located by Revan, Carth Onasi, Bastilla Shan and their companions, who used it to destroy the Star Forge over Lehon.[2]

Around the time of the New Sith Wars, the Shaman of the Whills organized the members of the Ophuchi Clan and led them to underground caverns in the Dune Sea. These caverns, and the adjoining caves, became the Ophuchi Sanctuary in later years.[1]


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