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Dug Anguis was born on the Expansion Region world of Dorin in 54 BBY. His family heritage in the Galaxy could be traced back to 300 BBY with Baron Anguis, who also became a Jedi. His family roots in Dor'Shan, the capital city of Dorin can be traced all the way back to 10,000 BBY. His family became quite well known over that span, because of their public lives, so when Dug was being chosen to become a Jedi like his ancestor before him, it drew a large crowd. He went on to become a Jedi and was seated on the Council during the Coo-Neo Crisis through the Great Galactic War and finally relinquishing it after the Star Wars, due to old age. He believed that Scott Borek was the true Chosen One and sided with many of the Jedi that thought he could handle the Coo-Neo Crisis, the disappearance and the Great Galactic War.


Early life

Dug was born into a well known Kel Dor clan, the Anguis clan, in 54 BBY. He was chosen to become a Jedi, after his parents requested that he be tested by the Order. The parents claimed to do this because they wanted him to continue the Anguis legacy and tradition of becoming Jedi, as well as to get away from the inevitable frenzy that they 'foresaw' coming from the population in Dor'shan.

He was tested and accepted into the Order in 51 BBY. He was trained by Jedi Master Mason Quarrell throughout his years as a padawan, or apprentice. He took the Jedi Trials in 36 BBY and passed them. He decided to take a Kaleesh apprentice, as his first apprentice, but the apprentice died in 31 BBY during a mission to Hurikane, when the Kaleesh fell down a chasm. He vowed to never take another apprentice again to avoid avoid what he called "his greatest failing." He advocated the creation of the Republic Defense Space Force, to defend Coruscant and other worlds and interests of the Republic from piracy and raids by criminals. He became a charter member of the Space Force.

Behind the scenes

His appearance is based on the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy character Plo Koon. He also was created to be a prolific pilot, like Plo Koon, and establish the Republic Defense Force; an organization that was responsible for the creation of the Delta-7 fighter, the Z-95 starfighter, as well as, the later X-Wing, A-wing, Eta-2 Actis and ARC-170 class fighters. (According to I'm the Chosen One's saga)

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