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This article is about the duel between Karbacca and Darth Ximus. You may be looking for other duels on Tatooine.
Duel on Tatooine

3,633 BBY




Karbacca is killed

  • Karbacca
  • Monastery of monks

Darth Ximus

  • Karbacca is killed
  • Monastery is destroyed, all monks are killed

The Duel on Tatooine was a duel that took place on Tatooine in 3,633 BBY between the Jedi Karbacca and Sith apprentice Darth Ximus. Karbacca successfully helped a group of monks resolve a dispute between two moisture farmers and spent the night at their monastery. Ximus, having been told of a Jedi on Tatooine by his master, traveled to find and kill him. After interrogating a barman, he stole a speeder and tracked Karbacca to the monastery.

Upon arrival at the monastery, Ximus broke in, killed the monks, and then engaged the awoken Jedi in lightsaber combat. After fighting during the entire night, Ximus took advantage of his opponent's fatigue and disarmed him. He then used the dark side to collapse the monastery on the fallen Wookiee, crushing him to death.


Ximus: “I am ready to face a Jedi. I understand and wield the dark side. I will prove myself to you.
Vesanus: “Yes. You will prove yourself, or you will die. Go to Tatooine. There is a Jedi there. Kill him.
―Darth Vesanus sends Ximus to kill Karbacca.


Ximus trains for fighting a Jedi.

In 3,633 BBY, a moisture farmer had stolen goods from another farmer on Tatooine, but claimed otherwise when accused. The case was brought to a monastery of monks, who, upon deciding that they could not come to a verdict, contacted the Jedi Order for help. The Wookiee Jedi Karbacca responded to their plea for help and traveled to Tatooine, as he was the Jedi nearest to Tatooine. He used the Force to deduce that the moisture farmer was guilty, allowing the monks to make their verdict. Although the mission had been completed, he agreed to stay for the night at the monastery, an offer made by the monks as a token of their gratitude.

On Korriban after five years of training as a Sith apprentice, Ximus demanded that he was ready to face a Jedi and prove himself to his master, Darth Vesanus, who had been keeping him from killing Jedi. Vesanus finally agreed that he would prove himself, or he would die, as there was a Jedi for him to kill on Tatooine. Eager for Jedi blood, Ximus left immediately.


Ximus: Prepare to meet your fate, Jedi. You shall be killed honorably, by a Sith Lord.
Karbacca: «You're not a Sith. You're a pretender. You don't know what you're doing, to me or to yourself.»
Ximus: I know I will kill you.
Karbacca: «If you're set on a fight, draw your sword.»
―Ximus confronts Karbacca on Tatooine.


Karbacca duels Ximus.

Ximus arrived on Tatooine the evening that Karbacca chose to stay at the monastery. After interrogating a barman in Mos Eisley, he killed a speeder salesman and stole a speeder which he rode through the Dune Sea. He arrived at the monastery at dusk and broke into it, where he slaughtered the monks and engaged the Jedi in lightsaber combat. They dueled for hours, starting in the monastery and moving up to the roof.

As it grew close to dawn, Ximus knocked the Wookiee off the roof and onto the sand, then jumped down after him. Weakened from the duel that had spanned the entire night, Karbacca's attacks and blocks became slower and had less power. Ximus managed to knock the Jedi's lightsaber away and push him to the ground. Calling upon the dark side, Ximus collapsed the entire monastery onto Karbacca, killing him.


And I killed them all. I'm am now truly a Sith. I have slain a dozen Jedi. I will slay more.
—Ximus tells Vesanus about his feat on Ossus

Ximus was taken by a bloodlust, and did not fly back to Korriban, traveling to Ossus instead. There, he slaughtered more Jedi, who were staying at a small Jedi enclave. Although he was severely wounded, he killed all of them and recovered before returning to Korriban and bragging about his feats to his master. He claimed he was truly a Sith for having defeated so many of their enemies at one time, on his first attempt.

An official investigation was launched by Tatooinian authorities for the death of the speeder salesman and the theft of the speeder. Although they came to the conclusion that the man had been killed by a lightsaber, they could find no evidence as to who had done it. They tracked the speeder to the destroyed monastery, and then back to the site where Ximus' ship had been. The Sith, however, was long gone, and they called off the investigation as they had nothing to continue on, and there were other things for them to do.

Karbacca's body was recovered by the Jedi and cremated in the Order's traditional way, although few bones were left intact. He was missed and commemorated by his fellow Jedi, and though the Jedi did not know who his killer was, they would eventually kill him sixteen years later on Korriban. In 3,617 BBY, Karbacca's spirit was present at Ximus' death, agreeing with the punishment that had come upon the Sith.

Behind the scenesEdit

The duel on Tatooine was created by SavageOpress1138 after a prompting from fellow user Goodwood that he should create an article for the death of Karbacca by Darth Ximus. This was so he could link to it in articles on Star Wars Fanon and also go into more detail on the duel itself.