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They sent you, didn't they? The Dark Council? Told you to finally claim your destiny, I'd imagine."
"They ordered me to execute you, 'my master.' Glad they gave the order too, I was getting ready to do it myself. You're too incompetent to be my teacher, and too weak to be called Sith.

—Kariphos and Alahn prior to their confrontation[src]
In 3,644 BBY, the Dark Council commanded the acolyte Alahn to confront his master Kariphos in order to become Sith. During the confrontation, Kariphos revealed the truth about Alahn's past to the latter: he was his father, and the Dark Council had molded him into a weapon at their disposal. Despite this revelation, Alahn slew Kariphos and went on to obtain the name Darth Inflictus.


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