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The Droid Republic War was a galactic conflict which took place after the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion when the Galactic Droid Republic, the Catpire and the Katpire, and also the Cyberians attacked galaxywide.

Occupation of Bastion

The Occupation of Bastion took place when the Galactic Droid Republic Navy landed troops on the planet surface. The Imperial lines were quickly overrun without any casualties. The New Republic garrison surrendered after the Imperials retreated. The Catpire later used this planet as a staging ground and a foothold.

Sacking of Coruscant

The Sacking of Coruscant took place when the GDR Battle Droids besieged Coruscant and quickly exterminated all resistance. With no Jedi, the planet quickly fell from the New Republic's hands.

The Star Destroyer Pride of the Droids releasing droid-piloted AT-ATs over Naboo.

Ryloth Space Battle

The space battle over Ryloth was short, and most of the New Republic fleet was there and it was destroyed. The other New Republic ships across the galaxy retreated to defend other important planets. The Imperial Fleet stayed out of the war after Bastion was captured. The New Republic Army retreated to the secondary capital, Dac.

Fall of Falleen

The Imperial planet Falleen was taken with no resistance, due to no military presence there.

Betrayal of Anaxes

Anaxes was the closest New Republic stronghold to the Deep Core, but when the Catperial Fleet arrived with full force, including three Death Stars, most of the New Republic troops turned to the Catpire.

End of the War

The end of the war was quick. Negotiations were signed for the galaxy's surrender, not including the Jedi, who most of whom were killed on Eclipse.


Major Galactic Droid Republic planets:

  • Felucia—weapons testing ground
  • Nar Haska—garrisoned after first few battles
  • Ando Prime—contained a major base
  • Quadrant Q—droid training ground
  • Falleen—used temporarily for bio weapon tests