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Drifå Orcinda was a female human Mandalorian born on Kalevala in 17 BBY. She served as an agent for Imperial Intelligence in the rank of a captain and was assigned to the Emperor's secret apprentice Paé Sonmertans, who went under the name of Darth Voldora after Palpatine's first death above Endor in 4 ABY. Orcinda's task was to support her master and superior in hunting down any remaining Jedi during the last days of the Great Jedi Purge by carrying out research on any rumored Force users among the Empire's citizens.

Orcinda, together with her master, was featured in the ninth recruitment poster by Imperial propaganda artist Flyff Antilles named Imperial Recruitment 2STAY FIT for the Empire!.

Orcinda was killed by the reborn Emperor around 10 ABY giving her live to save her mentor Sonmertans from death, which she ultimately couldn't prevent though.

Personality and traitsEdit

Orcinda bore slight abilities to use the Force, which made her perfect in supporting her master Sonmertans during their missions and also established an unbreakable bond towards her superior.

She underwent rigorous training in survival and tactics from the best trainers of Imperial Intelligence. Orcinda believed strongly in herself and that there was nowhere, where she couldn't get in. She was trained to showing no mercy on her enemies and not hesitating to kill them.

As a fashion and footwear devotee Orcinda always wore the most fashionable shoes in her free time and also during missions. One of these were a pair of extremely high-heeled blurrg boots with a see-through front.

Behind the scenesEdit

Drifå Orcinda is based on the Star Wars and costuming fan Frida Mårtensson. The attire she is shown in is actually one of Frida's costumes as an Imperial agent, whereas the last name Orcinda and parts of her background story were created by herself.