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I am Drewika Zirátæ. I have spoken.
—Drewika Zirátæ

Drewika Jaing Zirátæ, born Draicus Jaing Zirátæ, was a Human Force- sensitive male mercenary general in the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, a Military Executor during the Galactic Empire, and the popularly elected Emperor of the Acrolian Star Empire. He was the only known soldier to have fought in the Battle of Naboo, the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Swarm War, and the Second Galactic Civil War, possessing by the end of his days a distinguished military and political career. As the heir to one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the galaxy, House Zirátæ, Drewika affected much change in the galaxy. Though force-sensitive, he was not born with extreme powers, so he was ignored by the Jedi. He expanded upon them, practicing many hours a day, so by the time he was of the Clone Wars, he was at least competent if not exceptional in the Force.


Early life

I sometimes wonder what I would have become had my parents not died and I did not have any responsiblity thrown into my lap. Another arrogant aristocrat in training, I guess. Pain can somedays be a valuable ally.
—Drewika Zirátæ

Drewika Jaing Zirátæ was born in 42 BBY on the planet Acrolis, a world similar to Naboo in its dedication to the arts but possessing a strong military bent brought about by its early Mandalorian colonists. Drewika was the heir apparent to the wealthy and powerful House Zirátæ, a military family that could trace its lineage back many millennia to a Taung warlord named Teloris Zirátæ. Drewika's parents named him "drew'ika," meaning "little man" in lanacro, the language of Acrolis, in the hopes that he would accomplish great deeds at a young age. However, tragedy struck when Drewika was a mere seven years old. His parents were killed within months of each other, his father in the Mandalorian Civil War at the Battle of Galidraan, and his mother from sadness not long after. Drewika was left to run the family and provide for his younger sister.

Terrified of his newfound responsibility and desiring revenge on the Jedi, Drewika enrolled himself into the prestigious East Point Military Academy on the Acrolian island of Oceanus. His classmates often commented on the fact that he kept to himself and rarely mixed socially. On the training grounds, Zirátæ was relentless, both in unarmed combat and in droid training areas. He developed a reputation for his cunning use of military tactics and his ability to rally those around him to fight towards a common goal. Few classmates would volunteer to fight him, for his merciless brutality towards his opponents was well established. Driven by revenge and hatred for the "cult" who murdered his father and the noble Mandalorians at Galidraan, Zirátæ fought his way up the academy ranks, attracting the attention of a high ranking member of SpecForce, who petitioned the academy headmaster to allow Zirátæ to take the final live-fire test early. Zirátæ did, though not without sufficient injury, receiving a scar across his right eye from a droid commando's vibroblade. Drewika began to look physically older as the year wore on, so much so that some people doubted his young age.

The intelligence officer took Zirátæ as his apprentice of sorts, training him further and sending him out into the galaxy on intelligence missions. Drewika tried his hands as a mercenary, a lifestyle he relished and soon pursued with reckless abandon. However, though he considered his training invaluable, he retired from the service, having overnight become a galactic celebrity with his band, Trinity.

Trinity years

I didn't believe I was famous until I saw my face on Holonet News and Entertainment.
—Drewika Ziratae

Before his parents' deaths, at the age of 4, Drewika received a small power-drum set from his parents, on which he practiced incessantly, when he was realized to be a musical savant. With his childhood friends Megan Wronck, an Acrolian lute virtuoso and Greag Dywiur, a famous bass lute player, he founded the music group Trinity. They recorded a collection of a dozen songs, now considered to be classics. With the initial aid of Core Drive record label Galactic Records, the group sought publicity, but were eventually turned down by Galactic Records for being too "unique." However, the three-some were all friends with the owner's daughter, Karly Gajius, who set up her own record company, SoundGarden Records, and set about arresting the attention of famous musicians. Trinity eventually captured the galactic ear during a small gig as an opening spot at the Coruscant Music Festival. The word of mouth spread about their revolutionary music, and soon the band was touring the galaxy, playing to thousands at a time. They released many other records during their 100 year existence. The band was often likened to a river, which was the source for many smaller tributaries. Trinity trail blazed for more styles of music than any other act in history, employing their uniquely cultural instruments in genius ways. The band's instruments and such artifacts were housed at Trinity Hall, the group's headquarters on the Acrolian island of Oceanus, which was eventually opened to the public.

Boonta Eve Podrace

And that's how I met him. I insulted him.
—Drewika Zirátæ on Anakin Skywalker

Drewika Zirátæ was present at the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace which was won by young Anakin Skywalker. Zirátæ, working for Jabba as a bounty hunter, attended the race and watched from Jabba's private box. Wandering through the garage before the race, Zirátæ saw a young slave boy hauling podracer engines. Drewika made a cruel joke about Anakin's slave status, only to be put down by Anakin's claim to be a racer himself. Drewika continued to mock Anakin, yet due to his inherent Force-sensitivity, Drewika felt that there was more to this boy than meets the eye. For this reason, Zirátæ, though not a gambling man, bet on him against Anakin's owner Watto. Following the race, Zirátæ went and apologized to Skywalker and gave him all his winnings. The two, though wary of each other at first, became good friends afterwards, even after Anakin's turn to the dark side.

The Battle of Naboo

I was a small lad during those dark times, new to the galaxy. A fool, in short.
—Drewika to Jaina Solo

Drewika accompanied the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi back to Coruscant to aid in the restoration of Queen Amidala to the throne of Naboo. Though he remained aloof from the Jedi, he was forced to work with them to return Amidala to the throne. As a citizen of Acrolis and thus an ally of Naboo, Zirátæ saw it as his duty to help the queen. Upon the return to Naboo, Drewika assisted with the taking of Theed Palace from the Trade Federation, and succeeded in destroying a platoon of droids single-handedly. Following the battle, Drewika was present at the famous peace ceremony the formed an alliance between the Naboo and the Gungans.


The planet Acrolis.


Zirátæ's presence at the Battle of Naboo helped to introduce him to the galaxy at large, which helped to bolster his image as more than a mere musician. Anxious to develop his Force-sensitivity, though unwilling to apprentice with a Jedi, Zirátæ went to Count Dooku, who taught Zirátæ the basics of lightsaber combat and the Force. Having been using his family's heirloom, a modified, 25,000 year old lightsaber that had been owned by his family's founder, Teloris Zirátæ, Zirátæ made his own lightsaber as a test of his abilities. Using a cortosis hilt and rare black lightsaber crystals that produced a black blade, Zirátæ isolated himself from the world for a few weeks creating a weapon that was at his side for many years. Though not the match for a Jedi Knight, Zirátæ's skills with the Force were enough for him to fight off multiple attackers with only his lightsaber.

During this time, he also became a good friend and confident of Chancellor Palpatine, who recognized the lad's potential as a military commander and made him a general in the Republic military, a rank which he kept through the Clone Wars. Though he continued his bounty hunting, Drewika remained in the service of the Republic until its desolution.

Clone Wars

Yeah, I fought in the Clone Wars. What of it?
—Drewika to Cal Omas

During the last days of the Republic, Drewika, then 20, played a key role in the events leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. Though he never was a firm believer in diplomacy, he largely agreed with his friend Padme Amidala and the young Riyo Chuchi, decrying the need for an army. Drewika was known for his sympathy with the Separatist cause, and though he knew that the CIS and Republic could never be reconciled, he believed diplomacy could help the two live separately, though peacefully. Though he publically decried the creation of the GAR, he continued on with his job and accompanied a Jedi task force to Geonosis. The resulting battle in the Geonosian arena led to the Battle of Geonosis, in which Drewika led a task force of clone troopers into battle. He was assigned A-28 "Tavo" as an aid, a friendship that lasted both of their lives.

Career as a General


Drewika in Battle

He was included into the GAR as the equivalent of a Jedi general. He was sent on several missions with Tavo and his commando squad "Death Squad." His first mission was to Rhen Var to capture Separatist leader Rune Haako. The resulting battle took place above and on the planet, during which Drewika's prototype Victory Star Destroyer Victory was knocked from orbit onto the battle below. Drewika and the crew led a direct attack upon Separatist forces, ending the battle on the ground. The battle was a victory for the Republic and a major mark upon Drewika's military career.

Drewika led many other such missions during the war, to planets as diverse as Yavin 4, Myrkr, Ryloth, Bespin, Corulag and Arbra. As the war raged on, his posse of clone stragglers continued to grow, as Drewika began to feel ever more for "his boys." This sympathy eventually led to more hatred for the Jedi Order, which he viewed as the cause of the war.

During the middle of the first year of the war, Drewika was given control of a special clone legion, called the Advanced Clone Trooper (ACT) Combat Elite Unit. These were men who had showed much promise as tacticians during engagements, and who were thus collected and given new armor and weapons. The ACTCEU was fragmented at the beginning of the second year of the war, turned into the Republic Marine Corps, The Immortals, and the SpecForce Commandos. Drewika remained in control of these units throughout the war.

The Acrolian Star Empire

During the first year of the war, Drewika's homeplanet of Acrolis was under the threat of Separatist attack, as it was on the fringes of the Outer Rim. Despite a strong military presence on the planet, its people were growing dissatisfied with the present government. Drewika was asked by the Acrolian Republic to take the throne and become the emperor of Acrolis. At first he blatantly refused, fearing his own corruption. In the end, however, he accepted the post and was crowned the first Emperor of the Acrolian Star Empire. His first move was to expand the borders of the Acrolian state, a move that made the ASE the dominant hegemon of the Outer Rim, equal in size to the Hapes Consortium. This move was followed by the planet's formal withdraw from the Republic. Zirátæ then utilized his funds as a Mafia lord to provide the Empire with a massive star fleet. These moves were largely criticized by the Republic, but were unstopped for fear of losing a powerful ally in Drewika and Acrolis.

In the first year of the war, Drewika sent a massive fleet to Rakata to gather up the debris of the infamous superweapon, the Star Forge. He brought the debris in loads back to Acrolis, and ordered the assembly of the weapon again, a move that was decried by the Acrolian Congress. The weapon was epic in proportion, roughly 2/3s the size of the planet itself, but was never used on Acrolis's sun, for fear of a resultant supernova. The weapon remained in orbit about the sun for most of the war, leaving only to be tested on Arbra's sun during its completion. It was briefly used on Ruusan's sun to aid in the manufacture of the Immortals' cortosis-weave armor and synthetic lightsaber crystals. The weapon was also used following Order 66 to construct a massive fleet of prototype Keldabe-class battleships for the ASE. During the Separatist-Imperial War, the weapon was used to bolster battle droids and commandos.


An Acrolian Star Empire Poster during the Clone Wars

Battle of Corellia

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Defense of Corellia

Drewika's self-proclaimed "finest hour" was during the Defense of Corellia, a battle that he referred to as the worse planned and executed military operation in the history of the Republic. In a five-month long unending siege by the Republic to attempt to eradicate the Separatist presence on the world, Drewika and his legions, aided by rogue Jedi Knight Kor Centz, fought an ever-losing battle, taking ground one day and losing it the next. The final two weeks of the battle earned Tavo a rare promotion to ARC Commander, and won Drewika acclaim in the eyes of the galactic media, as "The Bane of the Separatists." Though Drewika considered his gift in military strategy to be less developed than his gift in cunning, he accepted the thanks of the Republic.

Battle of Pantora

Drewika and Tavo were dispatched with the Republic Marine Corps and the SpecForce Commandos to Pantora shortly after the Trade Federation blockade of the planet. Chairman N. Papanoida requested Republic assistance soon afterwards, fearing a Separatist bloackade. Zirátæ was dispatched to Pantora with his friend Riyo Chuchi to reinforce the planet's defenses. The CIS did in fact dispatch a large invasion force led by Zirátæ's respected colleague and friend, General Grievous, with a large naval force to reimpose the blockade. With only three ships, the Interceptor, the Merciless, and the Dauntless, the Republic was able to control the battle over Pantora as well as destroy the Separatist landing craft sent to the planet surface. After several days of brutal starfighter-to-starfighter combat, the badly-damaged Republic fleet was forced to evacuate the battle and repair, leaving Zirátæ's legions as the last line of defense. Though the resulting invasion was bloody and long, most of which was fought in Pantora's snow-covered forests and by its icy rivers, the battle was a victory for the Republic and served to enhance Drewika's image in the eyes of not only the Pantoran people, but also the Republic at large.

One of Drewika's more glamorous moments occurred on the last day of the battle. Despite minimal clone units under his command, he was called forth to repulse a massive droid invasion force that was attacking the Pantoran capital very early in the morning. In a very unorthodox manner, he divided his already small force into four parts, a small unit under Drewika, and three larger units under Aven, Kagi, and Tavo. Drewika and his unit hid behind a stonewall on a hill, watching as the droid army began to climb. At this point, Drewika and his men opened fire, catching the droids by surprise but failing to rout them. Seeing his plan begin to fail, Drewika ignited his lightsaber and charged down the hill with his men. This unexpected move, known thereafter as "Zirátæ's Charge," succeeded in routing the droids, sending them straight into the trap that MI3 and its units had set. The droids, fleeing from Drewika, ran straight into a three-sided flanking maneuver that surrounded them, largely destroying the army and effectively ending the battle.

Battle of Coruscant

It became obvious after a while throughout the Clone Wars that Drewika was being worn out. After his Clone Rights Bill, which was to guarantee some rights for his clone troopers as sentient beings, was defeated in the Galactic Senate despite support by Senators Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, and Riyo Chuchi, Drewika became more contemptious of the Republic and the Jedi. When the galactic capital was attacked during the last year of the war, Drewika rushed back to fight. He was assigned to lead a small clone task force ordered to protect the Senate district from droid forces. During the last day of the battle, he was redeployed and given command of a portion of the Republic Navy. His clone brother Aven was given command of the clone task force. Drewika's flagship, the Victory, accidentally engaged Grievous's flapship, the Invisible Hand, upon which the Chancellor Palpatine was imprisoned. The Victory's extremely powerful weapons sent the Invisible Hand flying, nearly killing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and the Chancellor.

Order 66

I killed them. I killed them all. I hate them, and will always hate them.
—Drewika Ziratae

The Emperor, Lord Vader, and Ziratae view the Death Star

Drewika briefly assisted Yoda on Kashyyyk, though his participation was largely limited to the neutralization of the Separatist artillery to allow for the landing of the Republic Acclamators. He returned to Coruscant and remained there for the remainder of the war. When Chancellor Palpatine was proven to be a Sith Lord by Mace Windu in the Senate, Drewika arrived at the Chancellor's apartments. Unsure as to who to believe, Ziratae watched in shock as Anakin hatefully chopped off the Jedi Master's hand, and as Palpatine electrocuted the Jedi to death. Drewika's personal war of revenge had only escalated during the Clone Wars, and this revolution against their authority gave him ample reason to eliminate them. He offered up his services to Palpatine on condition that the Acrolian Star Empire remain untainted by his control, and that the Kamino-batch clone troopers in the Grand Army be discharged from duty to live out the remainder of their lives as men in ASE space. Palpatine agreed, and soon thereafter Drewika and his Immortals accompanied Anakin on the infamous burning of the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion, brutally executing younglings, Knights, and old masters in his burning vengeance for his father and his dead clone brothers. Drewika managed to get some of his clone posse out from the GAR to Acrolis in secret, amidst the chaos in the capital. He remained on Coruscant for the rest of the war, delivering Order 66 to all the Jedi he could find on the capital. He set up checkpoints at all the major intersections near the spaceports to try to catch disguised Jedi on the run.

He then received word that Anakin was nearly dead from a battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. Drewika awaited his arrival at EmPal SuRecon, and remained by his friend's side during the surgery that transformed him into a cyborg. From that point forth, Drewika was the only living man allowed to converse with the Dark Lord of the Sith without his helmet.

Drewika continued to serve the Emperor for some time after the Great Jedi Purge, cleaning up remaining Jedi units stationed over the galaxy. However, as Palpatine continued to stall regarding his bargain to release the Kamino-batch clone troopers, Zirátæ grew distrustful of the Sith lord and decided to personally confront him and demand that he honor his bargain.

Separatist-Imperial War

I hereby declare war on the Empire. Soon all will tremble before me and learn that the Mandalorians were right in saying, "Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade."

Angered by Palpatine's double crossing, having waited four long years fighting in another man's war and for a "rotten government," Drewika decided that extreme measures were necessary to teach Palpatine never to anger a Zirátæ. The resulting interview saw Drewika kicked out of Palpatine's apartments, with both sides angered at the other. A Separatist at heart, Drewika had longed for the entire war to fight for a cause that he believed to be right. With its main leaders Grievous and Dooku dead, and the Separatist Council eliminated, the Separatist Senate on Raxus was left to look out for itself. With scattered pockets of droids isolated in parts of the Outer Rim, and the CIS Trade Federation battle droids deactivated by Imperial decree, the CIS cause was faltering on extinction. Drewika, with the aid of MI3, was able to get his clone "underground railroad" idea executed, removing many clones to ASE space. With ASE Senate approval, the clones were given official Acrolian citizenship. This practically put the ASE at war with the Empire. With this accomplished, Drewika flew to Raxus and revitalized the CIS, recalling all remaining froid troops and using the Star Forge over Acrolis, churned out many more. With a large army at his disposal, Drewika forced the CIS and ASE to declare war on the Empire for "the cause of morality."

The inevitable war lasted little more than a year, though the death toll was catastrophic, especially for a galaxy recently plagued by the Clone Wars. With newly constructed battle droids and commandos taking back Outer Rim planets held during the previous war, and Palpatine's new clone armies from Centax II fighting hard to repossess them, the war raged across the galaxy. However, after a year of fighting, Palpatine decided that it was wiser to have Zirátæ inside the tent than outside throwing stones. After a peace talk over Raxus, the Treaty of Acrolis was signed over Acrolis that gave Zirátæ the entire Kamino-batch clone army minus the 501st Legion and the Coruscant Guard, in exchange for Zirátæ's allegiance to the Empire, the ASE's neutrality, and the dissolution of the CIS. Zirátæ agreed, and was soon thereafter given the rank of Military Executor. Zirátæ, true to his mercenary mindset, was quick to remind the Emperor that his allegiance could not be bought, only his services could be purchased. However, true to his word, he fought hard on behalf of the Empire through the next 20 years.

Early Career in the Galactic Empire

Unidentified Human: “My rights as a Human of the Empire protect me from this folly!
Drewika Zirátæ: “I am the Empire.
―An unidentified Human and Drewika Zirátæ

Zirátæ was soon chasing his former subjects in the CIS across the galaxy, deactivating his droids and killing their best generals in the field. While not in the field, he learned much from Emperor Palpatine about the Dark Side of the Force, honing his Force skills and talent with the lightsaber. He was considered by Palpatine as an "unofficial" apprentice, though Zirátæ made it clear that he had no desire to be a Sith. Though he was definitely not a pinnicle of perfection, Zirátæ saw the evil that drove Palpatine and had no desire to follow in his footsteps.


Drewika in a Coruscant bar, ready to assassinate a subject.

For the next 18 odd years, Zirátæ continued to chase down all opposition to the Empire, developing a fearsome reputation for his ability to hunt down and kill any enemy of the State. Using all his training as a mercenary from his East Point days, he undertook numerous undercover missions, more than happy to handle the dirty work himself. Throughout the whole time he continued to run the ASE, work on a cure for the aging gene that severely limited the life of a Kamino clone, as well as look for ways to take down the Empire from the inside. Working with and alongside Darth Vader, Drewika helped to squash resistance within the Empire and in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Though he was more likely to subvert the Empire secretly than in public, he did at time provide support to those who saw fit to corrupt the Empire from the inside. His group of contacts continued to grow during those years, as he found more secret allies within the Navy and Army, such as Gilad Pellaeon and Wulff Yularen. Though he continued to serve the Empire in name at least, fulfilling his part of the Treaty of Acrolis, he refused to give any part of his allegiance to a government he saw as "a rotten tyranny."

Later Career in the Galactic Empire

Why do I get myself into these messes? I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
—Drewika Zirátæ

In the later years of the Galactic Empire, Drewika worked often with Vader's apprentice, Galen Marek, in the establishing of the Rebel Alliance, a movement completely fabricated to find the rebels in the Empire and eradicate them. However, yet again, Drewika found himself in a similar problem, as he did twenty years before in the Clone Wars. He sympathized with the Rebellion, despite the fact that it was completely fabricated by the Empire, though he found himself enslaved to the Empire. Despite his chagrin and his desire to help the movement, he went about finding the rebels in the Senate, "recruiting" them for the Rebellion, using the claim that he had always been against the Empire to gain their trust. Interesting enough, this wasn't far from the truth. He, with the help of Starkiller, recruited Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and others. Whereas Marek was in the dark about the true purpose of the organization, Drewika, as befitted his role as Military Executor, was privy to the plan and was expected to aid Marek without giving away the complete picture. However, he felt hesitant to turn all these in, as they had been his allies during the Clone Wars, and had supported his Clone Rights Bill in the Senate. In addition, he refused to turn in his friend and ally Riyo Chuchi, hiding her. However, Galen Marek convinced her to join, despite Drewika's fears. She joined the Alliance, and told Zirátæ that Marek was a good, moral, and honest man who would lead the Alliance well. Anguished by his lies and dishonesty, Drewika almost told her about the Emperor's scheme regarding the fabrication of the Alliance, but decided against it.

Corellian Treaty years

I believe I find myself in another annoying predicament. During the Clone Wars, I fought for the Republic and sympathized with the CIS. Now I fight for the Empire and sympathize with the Rebellion. I seem to never be able to win.
—Drewika Zirátæ

Drewika in the Imperial Senate

Drewika grew closer to Galen Marek during the later years of the Empire, largely because he saw himself in Marek's split dark and light sides. He continued to work with the Empire as an intelligence agent and as a leader of the Rebellion. Following Galen Marek's sacrificial death upon the Death Star to spare the lives of the Rebel leaders previously captured by Vader, Drewika was left as the only insider inside the new Rebellion who could execute the plan. Sorrowful about the death of his friend, Drewika began to question why he should listen to Palpatine, seeing the plot that had killed Marek as evil. As the only link inside the Alliance, Drewika wasordered to pull a Mission to Mustafar-type move on the leaders of the Rebellion. Dispatched to the Rebellion base on Polis Massa, he fought with his conscience the entire way. Upon arriving at the hidden base, he had decided that despite the pain it would give him, he would honor his commitment set forth twenty years before at the Treaty of Acrolis and murder the senators and rogue Imperial moffs and generals at the base. He had resolved to fulfill his duty all the way to the door. Entering the council chamber, his resolve melted away. Upon seeing him, Senator Chuchi rushed at him and hugged him, completely destroying his resolve and forcing him to question why he obeyed Palpatine at all. He had been subverting the Emperor's plans his whole life, from stealing funds to assassinating the Emperor's cronies to enacting all out war. Ordered to report back to Palpatine after eliminating the Rebellion council, Drewika uttered the famous line to the Emperor, "I appear to have encountered a momentary setback."

He decided to help the fledgling Rebellion, moving them from their base at Polis Massa to the planet of Arbra, one of the planets in the Acrolian Star Empire, declared neutral following the end of the Separatist-Imperial War. Because the Empire would never dare set foot within the boundaries of the ASE, Drewika saw it as a safe haven for the Rebellion, and a way for him to keep track of its leaders. The ASE Senate was more than happy to secretly provide funds for the Rebellion, as well as ships and weapons for the Alliance.

Upon returning to the Death Star, Palpatine, angered by Drewika's insubordination over the comlink, demanded to know why Drewika had not shot the Rebel leaders, to which Drewika sheepishly replied, "I missed." Not only had Palpatine completely failed to eradicate the rebels in the Empire, he had also inadvertently started a rebellion whose leaders had magically disappeared. Expecting some foul play on Zirátæ's part, Palpatine ordered Drewika to tell him where the leaders were. Angered by Palpatine's treatment of him as a servant, Drewika ignited his lightsaber and rushed at the Emperor, but was intercepted by Vader. The two unwillingly engaged in a short dual, in which Drewika managed to gain the upper hand. All his years of training in the Force under various masters had served Drewika well, as he now had the ability to pick and choose from Light and Dark side powers as the situation arose. Even the Emperor was surprised by Drewika's Force abilities. Seeing a chance to rid himself of a crippled Vader and replace Marek's loss with Drewika, Palpatine offered Drewika the chance to sit at his side as the co-ruler of the galaxy. However, because he had largely trained himself in the Force, and was more desirous of the safety of his friends and allies than of power, he refused Palpatine's offer, promising only to fulfill his contract set forth at the Treaty of Acrolis.

Galactic Civil War

I promised to serve you Palpatine, long ago at Acrolis. And I have, to the best of my abilities. I devoted 20 plus years of my life to you and the Empire. Thankfully, the treaty said nothing about duration of service. So, I respectfully tender my resignation from the rank of Military Executor with immediate effect. Good day, my lord.
—Drewika Zirátæ's last words to Emperor Palpatine, shortly before the Battle of Endor.

As a government that could suffer no opponents, the Galactic Empire soon was on the case, looking for the hidden Rebel base and its leaders. Polis Massa was found and swept, but true to his training as an mercenary, Drewika was sure to remove any clues that might lead to Arbra and the Acrolian Star Empire. With war upon the horizen, the leaders of the Rebellion sought to bring more systems into the fold by successfully defeating the Empire in open battle. Though Zirátæ saw this as foolish, he still was in the Empire and not in any position of authority to force the leaders to reconsider. However, the Rebel raid on Corulag proved successful, catching the Imperial forces off-guard. With the Declaration of Rebellion, the Galactic Civil War began.

Drewika Zirátæ continued to fight for the Empire, defeating Rebellion forces everywhere he went. However, he always let the Rebellion know where he was headed and gave them the ability to reinforce or move out. This way, they were kept from being completely eliminated by Imperial forces. However, he did deal numerous devastating blows to the Rebellion military during the war.

Battle of Kamino

The rebels, with Starkiller's assistance, sought to attack the Imperial-controlled world of Kamino, to eliminate the Empire's cloning facilities. Starkiller was hoping to catch the Empire off-guard, but Vader had prepared a large fleet and army, the latter commanded by Zirátæ, to catch the rebels. Visiting the home of his brothers, the clones, for the first time since the Clone Wars, Drewika was less than happy to see more clones being churned out for use as slaves in Palpatine's army. Drewika questioned again why he decided to consider serving the Emperor. However, he was soon engrossed in combat. After an extended fight on the surface, Drewika evaded capture and escaped from the battle on his shuttle, the Obex. Vader was captured by Starkiller, and Drewika temporarily took over Vader's role as Supreme Commander. Soon thereafter, thanks to Boba Fett, Vader returned, and Drewika resumed his typical duties.

Battle of Yavin

Drewika was present at the battle over Tatooine, in which Leia Organa, one of the secret leaders of the Rebellion, was captured by Vader's Star Destroyer. Leia had been in possession of the Death Star plans, given to her by Rebel spies. These plans were lost when she gave them to her droid R2-D2. In the ensuing hunt for the plans, Zirátæ was dispatched to the Tatooine surface to assist in the hunt. He went as far as Mos Eisley, encountering his old adversary and Clone Wars ally Obi-Wan Kenobi and a young Luke Skywalker in the process. Though he still possessed undying hate towards the Jedi for the death of his father nearly 5 decades before, he saw that Kenobi was needed by the Rebellion, so he grudgingly allowed them to leave.


Drewika looks off into the distance during a battle.

Soon thereafter, Drewika was reassigned to the Death Star, and was present at its destruction of Alderaan, a move that Zirátæ considered absolute political suicide on the part of the Empire. Going head to head with Wilhuff Tarkin, Drewika demanded that Tarkin belay the order to destroy the planet. Instead, he was forced to watch helplessly as Bail Organa, a leading member of the Rebellion, and his allies were burnt to ashes by the explosion. This move utterly mortified Drewika, giving him nightmares in following years. He personally conducted a search of the captured freighter ship, the Millennium Falcon, upon which were Kenobi, Skywalker, Solo, and Chewbacca. Drewika had mentioned that he felt a presence similar to Vader's on board, and went to inform him of this. He was interrupted by the prison break and rescue of Princess Leia.

The Death Star proceeded to the Rebel base on Yavin 4 to eliminate the larger part of the Rebel army and leadership. However, in an amazing turn of events, a squadron of X-Wings managed to destroy the superweapon, but not before Zirátæ, battling the Rebels in his modified Belbullab-22 starfighter, the Bloodfin, a former CIS ship from the Clone Wars had escaped. He watched in shock as the Death Star exploded, fleeing in haste to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant to report to Palpatine.

Battle of Hoth

Drewika's actions after the Battle of Yavin were largely confined to Coruscant. He went on a few missions as an intelligence agent, capturing a few Rebel agents for questioning. However, during the second year of the war, he was given a prize warship, the Merciless, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought named after Zirátæ's destroyed Venator-class Star Destroyer from the Clone Wars. With this ship, he accompanied the Executor and Blizzard Force to the planet Hoth, where a secret Rebel base had been discovered. Drewika accompanied General Maximilian Veers to the planet-surface, leading the ground assault on the outlying fortifications while Vader sacked Echo Base. The mssion was largely a success, and the Rebels were routed again.

Battle of Endor

Drewika and the Merciless were deployed at Endor, the site of the second Death Star. They participated in the resulting space battle with the larger part of the Rebellion fleet. However, it was in the midst of the battle that Zirátæ decided his fate. He had been in the service of the Empire for too long, he had slaughtered many allies and potential friends, he had broken too many hearts, and slaved for a corrupt tyrant for 20 years. He personally contacted Palpatine and instantly resigned, claiming that he had finally fulfilled his agreement set forth in the Treaty of Acrolis. He then contacted the leaders onboard Home One, accepting their position as a general in the Alliance army. Turning the Merciless's weapons on the Imperial fleet, he proceeded to destroy the Star Destroyers. He soon after faced a mutiny from his men on the ship, but igniting his lightsaber, promised that he could steer the ship himself, offering them his word of honor that they could leave the ship via the escape pods. The entire crew evacuated, leaving Zirátæ to crew the massive warship. From the command bridge, he directed the turbolasers and steered the ship, while repairing shields and reloading the ship's modified superlaser. Eventually, the Rebellion was able to dispatch a small skeleton crew to the Merciless to aid Zirátæ on the bridge. However, Zirátæ himself considered this immpossible task one of his crowning achievements, a testament to his Force abilities.

When the Death Star was destroyed, and the Emperor along with it, fulfilling the prophesy of the Chosen One, Drewika felt through the Force a deep impression of peace. At the same time, he felt his friend, Vader, now redeemed as Anakin Skywalker, drifting away. He listened through the Force in a trance as Anakin, his childhood friend, became one with the Force. The last thing Drewika ever felt from Anakin was a slight rustle of his hair, an echo of their greeting gesture during the Clone Wars.

After the battle, Drewika and his star destroyer were redeployed together in the Rebel Alliance. Given the title of General, Drewika led the Rebel army against the remainign forces of the Empire. The Acrolian Star Empire, finally abandoning its neutrality after two decades of isolationism, contributed its massive starfleet to the war effort, allying itself to the Rebels. Faced with a newly revitalized Rebel Alliance backed by one of the strongest empires in the galaxy, the Imperial governors and commanders often gave up rather than face the military genius of Zirátæ.

Battle of Coruscant

Four years after the Battle of Endor, Drewika and Admiral Ackbar led the attack on the Imperial capital world of Coruscant, assembling a massive strike force and navy for what could only be one of the most critical battles of the War. After freeing Galactic City's worst criminals from the city prisons, the Rebellion launched a massive naval offensive against the Imperial navy stationed above the planet. While the navy kept the Imperials occupied, Drewika and his task force secretly landed on the planet surface. After enlisting the aid of the citizens, the task force struck hard at the Imperial Palace. Though the battle was harsh, Zirátæ's men took the lead and crushed the Elite Force stormtroopers defending the Palace. Drewika gave his men free reign to kill and lynch any Imperials found within its walls. Though he did not take part, he was afterwards blamed for the damage his men caused.

Once the planet had been won by the Alliance, Drewika returned first to the Arca Company Barracks, the location of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, to find its abandoned shell and the parade ground that he had walked so long ago. Aware for the first time of his mortality and age, Drewika fell into a meditative trance, seeing events from his past, from the Clone Wars, from his years as a vengeful orphan, and for the first time felt true sorrow and remorse for all he had done. He though back upon all his murders and executions, particularly of the Jedi, and so loathed himself that he sought to throw himself to his doom from the top of 500 Republica. Saved by his clone brother Tavo, he firmly decided to withdraw from the war and from government in general to get his life in order. Retiring from the Alliance, now the New Republic, he withdrew to Acrolis to seek help and find himself. For a year, he refused to have anything to do with the public, and stayed out of the public eye.

Career in the New Republic

I don't know what happened. I guess something snapped inside. I'm not proud of myself, but my debt to Palpatine has been settled. But now, I don't know what to do with myself.
—Zirátæ after the Battle of Endor.

After his year of reflection and isolation from the newly created New Republic, Zirátæ returned to his position as general in the army. He continued to combat the Imperial Remnant in the next decade, defeating a reborn Palpatine's armies over and over again. However, not long after the Battle of Endor, the Acrolian Senate, with his approval, voted to return the Acrolian Star Empire to galactic neutrality regarding the war. Though he continued to hate the Jedi, he relented a bit and trained under Grand Master Luke Skywalker in the Force, continuing his studies in the use of the Force. He befriended fellow Jedi outcast Kyle Katarn, and trained with him.

Yuuzhang Vong Invasion

These bugs remind me of the Clone Wars, squashing bugs on Geonosis
—Tavo Zirátæ

While he was still in the service of the New Republic, after two decades in the military, the Yuuzhang Vong invaded the galaxy, catching the galaxy by surprise. Slaughtering and terraforming countless worlds, the Vong were practically unstoppable. Though the Acrolian Star Empire, being on the outskirts of the galaxy, was largely ignored, the Vong fleets were able to infiltrate and capture the regional capital of Arbra. The National Guard units and ships were eliminated, forcing Zirátæ to dispatch a large navy and army to retake the planet. The task force was completely eliminated by the Yuuzhang Vong. Drewika enlisted the assistance of his ally, Boba Fett, and a few Mandalorian commandos to infiltrate the planet and kill the Vong leadership. With the Vong leaderless and thus vulnerable, Drewika launched an all-out offensive on the planet. Though casualties were high, the Vong were eradicated from the Empire.

The Acrolian Star Forge was set to churn out thousands of modified BS-series commando droids, as well as new Acrolian ships, many of which were dispatched to aid the faltering Republic forces scattered around the Republic. With the Vong appearing to be unbeatable, Acrolian scientists began developing for poisons for the Vong, utilizing countless Vong POWs for scientific research. A virus was developed, but it was never used against the Vong, for it was not long after that the Vong began to be repulsed by Republic forces.

Drewika himself earned a fearsome reputation during the War, as rumors of his abilities to kill a Vong warrior with his bare hands began to circulate. Though he himself denied these claims, many believed them, turning Zirátæ into an almost legendary figure.

Later Years in the New Republic

This government is becoming rotten. It's amazing, it took the Old Republic 25 millenia to reach this point and the New Republic has arrived there in under 20 years.
—Zirátæ on the New Republic

Though he continued to serve in the New Republic army, soon reorganized as the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Drewika yet again became dissolutioned with the Republic. He publicly criticized the newly created Jedi Temple as being too elaborate, a "bastion of mysticism built with the money of the average taxpayer." He saw the Senate as already corrupt after only two decades. As the Confederation rose up in rebellion against the GFFA, Drewika decided that he would not fight in another man's war unless he could serve the side he agreed with. Thus, not long after, he publically resigned from the GFFA military. Though he publically remained neutral for a time, he secretly began talks with the leaders of the fledgeling Confederation.

Second Galactic Civil War

This "Darth Caedus" must die; I will not rest until I kill him and eliminate the Galactic Alliance.
—Zirátæ on Darth Caedus's attack on the ASE

Following Jacen Solo's conversion to the dark side and taking of the name "Darth Caedus," Zirátæ officially withdrew his support of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. He sympathized with the Corellians, having found respect for them during his Defense of Corellia during the Clone Wars, seeing the Galactic Alliance going the way of the old Republic during its last years. He publically decried the formation of the Galactic Alliance Guard and the internship of resident Corellians. Discussing the matter with the Acrolian Senate, he addressed the GFFA Senate, promising the Alliance that the ASE, which had grown stronger during the interim years of the Yuuzhang Vong War, would throw its guns behind the Confederation unless the Alliance release it Corellians prisoners, and recognize the sovereignty of the Confederation as a legitimate "free alliance." However, the Senate refused to accept his demands. Not long after, Darth Caedus launched an unsanctioned and unexpected attack on Acrolis itself, an attack that was repulsed but caused great damage to the planet surface. Outraged at what was viewed as an act of vengeance for his speech, Zirátæ declared war on the Alliance and allied with the Confederacy.

With such an enormous military machine, the ASE was a dangerous threat to the preservation of the Alliance. After a series of attacks on the planets of the Inner Rim and Core Worlds, the Alliance peace-keepers, led by Cal Omas, sought to appease the Empire with fulfilling of its demands; however, Caedus replaced Omas soon after and continued his attacks on ASE worlds. Zirátæ gave a truly inspirational speech to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the armies of Acrolis, ordering them to burn every village, town, and city on every planet held by the Alliance. Indeed, the armies of ASE razed every planet they conquered, dumping hazardous materials and toxins into the atmospheres of numerous Alliance planets, and killing every citizen of the GFFA they found. Meanwhile, the ASE navy was hard at work, sacking Imperial Remnant worlds at the other side of the galaxy. However, the Remnant, led by Zirátæ's long-time ally, Gilad Pellaeon, made overtures of peace to Acrolis, which eventually were accepted. The ASE and the Remnant eventually allied together, attacking the Alliance from two different fronts.

Meanwhile, Darth Caedus sought to eradicate the Jedi in a second Order 66, forcing the Jedi to flee the capital of Coruscant for their Temple on Yavin 4. There they formed the Jedi Coaltion, turning the fight into a three-way conflict. Zirátæ was more than happy to have the Jedi in one place, so he sacked Yavin 4 himself. Thought the attack was unsuccessful, the ASE marines were able to kill many Jedi, forcing the Jedi to withdraw to a secret base to regroup.

Zirátæ and the ASE began making offers of alliance to the neutral Hapes Consortium. Though Princess Tenel Ka was almost assassinated by Caedus, angering the Hapes people, they did not have the allies and supplies to mount an all-out offensive on the Alliance. The ASE and the Consortium were soon allied, turning the fight into a war between the ASE, the Hapes Consortium, the GFFA, the Jedi Coalition, the Confederation, and the Imperial Remnant. Not long after, the ASE withdrew its support of the Confederation.

After a long number of years of brutal warfare, the whole galaxy grew tired of fighting. The ASE pressed its advantage, churning out numerous commando droids and starship from the Star Forge. After the victory of the Jedi Coalition over Caedus, the ASE began what was called the "Scourge of Acrolis." With a power vacuum created following the defeat of the GFFA, the Acrolian Star Empire began a brutual expansion into Mid Rim systems once held by the Alliance and Confederation. In a particularly ironic series of evernts, the ASE conquered Corellia, capital of the COnfederation. Alliance personel were executed by the thousands to avenge the deaths of Acrolians killed in Caedus's initial surprise attack. However, the scourge was ended within a month by representatives from the Hapes Consortium, who implored Zirátæ and the Senate to end the war. Acrolis agreed, ending the war, but as the conqueror, retained many Alliance worlds and subjugated their remaining populations. Zirátæ himself fought for more Humanitarian treatment during the scourge, but was vetoed by the Senate. Though he participated in the scourge as his position dictated, he largely decried the actions of his subjects.

Death and Legacy

Drewika Jaing Zirátæ died in 107 ABY from old age on Acrolis. He had long since before given up his power in the ASE and largely retired from the public eye. However, many who saw him commented on the fact that he seemed to not be affected by age. Apart from a few wrinkles and grey hair, he looked largely the same as he had during his youth. After a long week of meditations, he announced to his family that his time had come. He gave one last speech to the Acrolian populace, and retired to the gardens of his palace, lying down under a tree, gazing up into the sky. It was said that he chuckled, yet his reasons for this were unknown. Those who watched him died said he hadn't died, rather, he had merely decided he was finished with life and was moving on. With that, he closed his eyes and sighed deeply and contently, giving up his spirit to the Force.

Not long after, there was a day of mourning through the entire galaxy from Coruscant to Acrolis to Raxus to Taris and everywhere in between for the man who had done much for the galaxy despite his limitations and failures. Numerous buildings and monuments were erected in his honor, the largest of which, the Monument to Drewika Jaing Zirátæ in the Acrolian capital of Colossae, was constructed of Krayt dragon pearl and stood towering above the city.

Personality and Traits

Drewika Zirátæ was known for having a violent temper when confronted with anyone he disliked or with a frustrating situation. While he would not normally take it out on others, he was nevertheless known for his "short fuse." He also possessed a very vengeful bend that he carried through his entire life. However, when it came to small matters, he was known for forsaking grudges, and was quick to forgive. Yet when it came to matters of life or death and betrayal, he was bad enemy to make. An example of this was his unrelenting hatred of all Jedi for their actions at the Battle of Galidraan, which resulted in his being orphaned at a young age. He also admitted to harboring thoughts of vengeance for the Republic Senate and Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars for their treatment of the clone troopers. He loathed the Kaminoan people, viewing them as arrogant.


Drewika Zirátæ

He was known for his quick wit and ever-present humor. Quick to laugh, he was well-liked by most who met him. This was a manifestation of his outgoing personality, which too explained his ability to gave impromptu speeches in front of vast audiences at any moment. He sought to forsake any evidence of arrogance or pride on his part when speakingwith people, which made him easy to talk to and listen to. He would at times walk down the streets on Coruscant and converse with anyone willing to talk. Though at times, he had to hide his presence in the Force to avoid the inevitable crowds that would swarm around him wherever he went, but he could be found in the seediest bars in the Undercity, chatting it up with smugglers, assassins, and crime lords on matters as diverse as politics and sports.

He was a popular figure with the female populations of the galaxy, largely for his personality, influence, and body. Drewika was listed as one of the most handsome males in the galaxy, though he himself stated that it due to his incessant workouts and associated dieting. Though the media was more than willing to spread numerous rumors about his "relationships" with other celebrities, he largely kept his personal life private, away from the public eye. However, it was known that he harbored feelings for his childhood friend Megan Wronck, as well as for Republic Senator Riyo Chuchi. However, though his influence could have gotten him any female in the galaxy, he married and remained faithful, preferring his morals to what he deemed "temporary pleasures with long-lasting pain."

In combat, he was known as a dirty fighter, ready and willing to break any rule of combat to gain the upper hand over an adversary. He used his Force powers and his training as an intelligence agent well, defeating most enemies he met. However, he was known to be merciful, releasing those opponents he judged as his equals or those who put up an honorable fight. Pleas for clemency on behalf of family were particular effective. This can be explained by Drewika's state as an orphan, a fact that he viewed as his only true weakness. During the Yuuzhang Vong War, rumors spread about Drewika's ability to kill Vong warriors with his bare hands, yet, he personally denied these. They continued to be believed largely because they fit with Zirátæ's reputation as a warrior.

Powers and Abilities

Drewika was born mildly Force-sensitive, a skill he did not truly develop until a few years prior to the Clone Wars. Though he received as an heirloom the ancient lightsaber of his Taung ancestor Teloris Zirátæ, he later created a black bladed lightsaber of his own after some training with Count Dooku. He used these two weapons for most of his life, treasures he passed donw through his family. He eventually became a master of Form IV:Ataru, a form that emphasized movement and hard cutting strokes, though he intuitively utilized Form I: Shii-Cho, which fit with his headstrong approach to combat. He was known for being a dirty fighter when it came to his Force powers, using them to catch his opponents off-guard, then moving in for the kill.

He was able to eventually perfect his Force powers, utilizing Force heal, saber throw, Force disguise, and Force choke, among others. While not a match for a truly advanced Jedi Master, his skills as a warrior and his cunning in combat compensated for his Force skills.

Weapons and Equipment


Drewika was a master of many weapons.

Drewika used much equipment as befitted an mercenary, a warrior, a Force-user, and a general. His basic equipment consisted of his family heirloom, a 25,000 year old lightsaber, his own personal lightsaber, constructed of cortosis, a blaster pistol that had belonged to his father, and his set of black and grey Mandalorian armor. He at times carried a blaster rifle across his back, a jetback, a beskar sword, and a set of vibroblades in his wrist gauntlets. Though his arsenal was not large, it was used to devastating effect. When operating behind enemy lines as an intelligence opporative, he usually only brought his lighsabers and pistol. During the Clone Wars, he largely eschewed his Mando armor in favor of black Jedi-like robes, retaining the gauntlets. During the Empire, he was often associated with his armor, though he was seen from time to time in black robes.

Behind the scenes

Drewika is based on the author's desired portrayal of himself. He is portrayed by English actor, Daniel Craig. However, in the author's third revision of the basic storyline of the Saga Expanded franchise, his character has been modified in many ways, forcing the author to look for a new actor to portray Drewika. It was finally decided that English actor Tom Felton would be the new face of the character.


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