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It's a magical place; a rich and breathtaking paradise.
—Aden Aventus

Drenzor was a bountiful moon of the Outer Rim planet Saleucami. It was home to the Kerfali species native to Saleucami, also known as the Drenzori Dog people, and a major population of humans known as the Drenzori or Drenzorians.

Drenzor was a largely pastoral world, known for its diversity of gorgeous landscapes, and also included several large cities, such as the capital of Fa'Nor. The moon was described as a "paradise" and inluded seemingly endless green pasture and hilly countryside, towering mountains, rich temperate forest, thousands of miles of coastline along massive oceans, tropical jungle, large cities, and even a small isolated volcanic continent known as The Ashlands.


For the first few centuries of existence, Drenzor was uninhabited by any known sentient or intelligent species, though some speculate it could be the ancient lost homeworld of Yoda's species, the short green sentient tridactyl creature, as early human cave art depict something that could vaguely resemble a Yoda-like individual. The first known intelligent life to arrive on Drenzor was the humans, likely a colony of explorer's from the species' home planet of Coruscant, arriving on Drenzor around 200,000 BBY. They had archaic cavemen society living in fear of the Ancient Beasts, a now extinct wild race of gargantuan monsters that roamed Drenzor during this prehistoric time. Around 120,000 BBY the Beasts went extinct for unknown reasons, allowing humans to develop a distinct culture and letting them emerge from their residence in the mountains of Drenzor. They began to develop an agrarian-based society, though hunter/gatherer culture remained in existence. Fishing eventually became a primary early industry, as the continents; seemingly endless coastlines provided for many towns and fishing societies to form along the oceans and massive lakes known as inland seas. This led to the Drenzori becoming a largely seafaring people, exploring every colony of their small moon, colonizing every continent, including the isolated "Fieorkapeur", or The Ashlands.

Around 90,000 BBY, the Saleuc people, who'd been driven from their ancestral homeworld and namesake planet Saleucami by the aggressive invading Trinach, a violent reptilian species, first arrived on Drenzor, one of the four moons orbiting Saleucami. The humans called them Kerfali, or "dog-men", as they were sentient and had near human psychological traits but appeared like hairy biped canines. The Kerfali, like the Drenzori, formed tribes and subcultures, originally peacefully coexisting with the humans before the formation of various kindgoms around 80,000 BBY. The Kerfali and humans went on to fight many wars, but around 50,000 BBY the Trinach of Saleucami invaded Drenzor and and all the other moons of Saleucami. The Kerfali and Drenzori united against the Trinach and warred with them until around 48,000 BBY when the Trinach were finally and entirely forced out of Drenzor. After another failed Trinach invasion in 30,000 BBY, the humans and Kerfali united and formed the Union of Kings, an early country encompassing the entire moon which held two Kings, the King of the Drenzori and King of the Kerfali. Around 15,000 BBY, the Trinach went extinct for unknown reasons, and the Drenzori King Evinok IV declared that the Union of Kings was over and the Kerfali must return to their home planet of Saleucami. This began the King Wars of Drenzor, lasting until 14,600 BBY with the death of Evinok V and the Reconcilation of Kerfali and Humans, though the Union of Kings continued to be over and the two peoples split into two separate nations again.

☀According to legend, around 6,000 BBY, a colony of Gungan explorers from the planet Naboo crash landed on Drenzor. They were taken under the wing of the Kerfali, and in 5,500 BBY the Kerfali and Gungans formed an alliance to go to war with the Humans. Known as the 1,000 Year War, it ended in 4,500 BBY with the Final Reconcilation, a document declaring the Kerfali and Humans would live together in peace under the Count of Drenzor, a human monarch, while the Kerfali elected their share of representatives to the Drenzori Assembly in Fa’Nor. Over the next thousand years, the immigrant population in Drenzor, mostly of aliens, boosted, with the cities and farmland being inhabited largely by aliens such as Twi’Lek, Ithorians, more Gungans, and even Hutts. The Drenzori Hutt Wars lasted from 3,000 to 2,200 BBY where the Hutt Clans attempted to invade the bountiful moon repetitively in an effort to make it part of Hutt Space. In the Treaty of Fa’Kren, the Crime Lord Kjenmoh the Hutt was allowed to maintain some land and influence on Drenzor, but the moon would not be annexed into Hutt Space and other Hutts would not be allowed to do illegal activity on Drenzor. In 1,000 BBY, the Galactic Republic was reformed, and the moon joined the organization hoping to increase Trade and end their milennia old isolationist policy.

Behind the scenes

The moon of Drenzor and all characters, species, politics, geography and history were created and developed by writer and filmmaker AE Connors.

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