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Dred Marek was the son of a clone of Galen Marek and Juno Eclipse. He was the twin brother of Jacob Marek. While his brother pursued the path of a Jedi, Dred fell to the dark side and fled his family.


Birth and early life

Dred, along with his twin, were born in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Due to the anti-Jedi feelings in the galaxy spurred by the Vong and the Peace Brigade, Starkiller hid Dred and Jacob in the Maw with many other Jedi children. When dozens of Jedi were killed across the galaxy, Dred embraced their deaths and used the fear he felt to enhance his Force powers, while Jacob and the other children withdrew from the Force.


After the war, Starkiller took Dred and Jacob as his apprentices, training them aboard the Rogue Shadow. One of their first tests was to wear a blast shield over their eyes so they could not see, and combat multiple PROXY droids. However, their goal was to sense which one of the droids had taken the form of an ally and avoid striking them down. Dred, however, traumatized by the deaths of so many Jedi, used his rage and slaughtered all the droids, ally and enemy alike. Starkiller and Jacob both advised him on this, but the boy was too hard-headed to listen and continued to draw on his hate and fear.

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