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Dral'kote Gota'lyaim Beskar'bor'ad was a Mandalorian assassin.


Dral'kote Gota'lyaim Beskar'bor'ad was born at the end of Mandalorian Wars. The child was raised by Mandalorians parents on the planet Ordo.

Trained from the age of 5, he became a skilled technician and shadow warrior. Training in the battle circle was something he did regularly. Working on his fathers Basalisk War Droid was something he enjoyed greatly. When he turned 16 he was sent into the desert as a test of survival. Finding his way home no easy task. Fighting the heat, creatures and eventually making it to the jungle and home. After completing this task, he was able to make his beskar'gam (helmet and armor).

Two years later, his parents gave him gifts, after choosing to travel the galaxy. His father gave him the modified Basilisk and his mother gave him her Verpine Sniper Rifle. They said their goodbyes and he took to the stars.

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