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SV-Cruentus era
We will bury them, comrades!
—A Drakuv driver

The Drakuv-class assault tank was the main ground attack vehicle of the Srav Federation during the Cruentusian War. Durable and relatively easy to produce, the Drakuv was usually equipped with nuclear shells that were much more devastating than regular ordnance, but were very unstable and tended to leak. Also, the tank was powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, which was poorly shielded, and Drakuv crews tended to get radiation sickness in prolonged missions.


Designed to be large and yet not present a large target in battle, the Drakuv was equipped with a single heavy cannon with a range depending on the barrel quality, and a missile pod designed for anti-air use. The interior was quite cramped for the driver and the gunner, with most of the space taken up by the reactor that powered the tank and shell storage. Srav field commanders were adamant on no flammable alcoholic drinks being taken inside the tank to avoid detonating the unstable nuclear shells. Occasionally, more innovative Drakuv crews would process spare radioactive material inside the tank and feed it outside through the exhaust ports, creating a radioactive aura around the tank, although this was discouraged by Srav commanders. The most heavily armored main battle tank of the war, the Drakuv nonetheless had a slow turning speed and when it caught fire the crew very rarely got out alive.

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