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Drake Coribantis was a Human Jedi Padawan/Knight. He served in the Republic during the Clone Wars and was a Padawan to Kit Fisto, only for a time. He proved loyal throughout the wars and accompanied many different Jedi during his trials.

During 21 BBY, Drake traveled with a legion of Clone Troopers to Mon Calamari, where a "new-born" General Grievous awaited, planning to conquer the planet.


Early life

Drake was born on Corellia in 45 BBY to a family of highly intelligent Merchants. His father and mother, both Merchants lived in a house in the capital city of Coronet. Below their house was a Merchant shop where Droids and Swoop parts were sold. During his time on Corellia, Drake played and adventured with his friend Kinster Olnassa, both of them were Force-sensitive, not realizing it at first.

Drake and Kinster once went to the coast with their families as a break from the "agonizing city life", as his father called it. While Drake and Kinster were playing by the sand bays, an old Human male stumbled onto their path. The curious Force-sensitives spoke with the Human about the Jedi. Revealing his secret as a Jedi Master, Drake introduced the man to his family. Convincing his parents about training at the Jedi Council, the man agreed, and asked Drake to make a vow to his parents. Drake did so, and left with the Jedi. Only a few hours later, Drake had arrived on Coruscant.

Jedi Training

Drake was brought to Coruscant by the Human, named Orin Scill to be chosen as an Apprentice. Being brought among the twelve Council Members, Drake was tested by Jedi Grand Master Yoda, where he was also chosen a Master. Master Yoda decided Drake to be a Padawan under Master Plo Koon, for a time. For six years, Drake trained under Master Plo Koon, being tested among skill, speed, and Force power. By the time Drake was age fifteen, Master Plo Koon was replaced in training Drake with Kit Fisto, a Nautolan Jedi from Glee Anselm. At the break of the Clone Wars, Drake had been left at the council alone while Kit Fisto battled Quarren on Mon Calamari, a suspected place for a CIS Cult. While his Master was gone, Drake replaced his training lightsaber with his custom-made blue lightsaber, considering the war was ahead. Being victorious at Glee Anselm, Kit Fisto returned to Drake, and allowing him to help the newly brought Padawans with their training. One of the Padawans, Shaan Lokin, became a close friend to Drake.

Jedi Sniper

Shaan Lokin, a Jedi Sniper.

Second Battle of Mon Calamari

When Drake was seventeen, a newly "re-born" General Grievous was hiding in the sectors of Mon Calamari. Not expecting the attack, Drake and Kit Fisto traveled back to the planet, hoping to destroy the attacker. Mace Windu also accompanied them, giving backup to Drake for the mission. Drake and Kit Fisto landed on Mon Calamari, one of the few land continents. Taking a battalion of the Clone Troopers, Drake departed from Kit Fisto and Windu and charged the council. Destroying the droids on the outer circle of the Council, Drake ordered his Clone Commander to access the Control Room. Being a Jedi Commander, the Clone followed his orders, and scanned the data for the Control Room. Drake ended the outer battle by using the Force and bringing down a large chunk of metal down onto the last of the Battle Droids. Kit Fisto and Mace expected to head in the way of Grievous, but secretly he was hiding inside the council. Drake resumed his mission, having his soldiers bomb the entrance and move inside. More battle droids were fought, including highly dangerous assassin droids.

When Drake first attacked the droid, he realized they had Vibro Swords connected to their arms, and were able to block lightsaber strikes. Drake, however, continued to attack the droid, and at one attack when the droid did an overhead strike, Drake ducked, and stabbed the droid in his chest.

We are not droids, we are assassins! Your head will be a gift to my master when this is done!
—The assassin droid to Drake

Something Drake was not aware of, was that the droid's could fly, and able to shoot from above. Another assassin droid flew overhead, deflecting the many bullets that flew. Drake threw his lightsaber unable to block the flying blade, and the droid split in two, and fell to the ground. With half his soldiers dead, Drake commed his master, telling him about the battle.

Master, the battle has gone well so far, but Grievous is sending numerous droids, this will be difficult!
—Drake to Kit Fisto over the comlink

Moving up the levels Drake sabered every droid in their way. Soon he reached one of the last floors. Drake soon encountered a Chistori Dark Jedi. The evil Jedi taunted Drake then ignited his lightsaber, and pulled down a large crater from the ceiling, causing it to land in front of Drake's men, stopping them from help.

Using the Force as his guide, Drake parried the attacks of the Dark Jedi, using his opponent’s strength against him. Using Djem So, the Dark Jedi and Drake battled, but when a pause brought the two apart, the Chistori ignited the other side of his lightsaber, making a dual bladed saber. Drake and the Chistori once again engaged in combat, being untrained of the Saber staff style, Drake jumped out of the way of an attack and onto the roof of the room. At the top, Drake used Force-Heal to revive from combat, and then returned to the battle. The Chistori fought harder, and at one swift move, Drake was able to slice the Dark Jedi's saber staff, and then kick him into a wall.

Temporarily incapacitating his opponent, Drake freed his Commanders and continued the battle. Reaching the top floor, Drake felt confident to have found Grievous. However, Grievous was not found, instead, Grievous’ IG-100 Magna Guards attacked Drake. Drake fought many of the off, still looking for Grievous, Drake commanded his Commando to search his coordinates when he had finished destroying them. Realizing that Drake had followed him, Grievous jumped from the ceiling, attacking Drake.

Drake nimbly fought Grievous for a time, but Grievous' powerful four-handed attacks were not something Drake was used to. Jumping behind Grievous, Drake planned to slice him from behind, but Grievous turned his mechanical body around and blocked Drake's attacks. The Chistori arrived in the battle, watching Grievous seem to "win" over Drake. After a powerful attack, Drake's lightsaber was knocked from his hand and he was pushed to the metal ground. Being taken captive, Drake was confronted by the Chistori and Grievous.

He was a powerful opponent; he was even able to "beat" me. He will make a powerful Sith we need,
—The Chistori and Grievous

While the Sith and Droid spoke, Drake managed to retrieve his lightsaber and break a window; therefore, he jumped out of the council. Using the Force to land safely, Drake met up with his masters. Telling them about the battle, a large Corvette shuttle departed from the hangar, only to be followed by the three Jedi.

Space Battle

Drake and his masters secretly docked on the Corvette, suspecting Grievous to be trying to escape.

Drake departed first, taking the left wing of the ship. He destroyed the Magna-guards that opposed the Jedi, and waited for Windu and Fisto to arrive. Fight their way through Magna-guards to the cockpit, Drake sliced down the door and engaged in battle. Fisto and Windu attacked Grievous, while Drake battled Darth Pallus. The Chistori Dark Jedi hadn't repaired his lightsaber, instead fought with a stolen Magna-guard electrostaff. The electric poleram was able to block Lightsaber attacks, and even using his saber staff combos, he could not stand up to Drake now. Drake managed to confuse Darth Pallus with a combo attack, and then sliced his right arm off. The Chistori fell to his knees, shaking his hand to prepare a high-powered Force-lightning attack. Drake Force pushed the deadly Chistori out the cockpit window, causing the air-less space sucked the cockpit. Drake and the masters closed their sabers and clung to a control panel, taking their last breath of air.

Grievous, on the other hand, allowed his metal body to fly out into space, then to steal the Jedi's ship. Drake engaged the window replacements using the Force, returning the air to the cockpit. Winning his first mission, Drake, Fisto, and Windu flew the ship back to Coruscant, where Drake would become a Jedi Knight.


A year later, two Jedi named Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi along with Senator Padme Amidala were imprisoned on Geonosis. Around two-hundred Jedi were sent to help, however, Drake was told by Kit Fisto that he was too young to participate; instead, he would lead the battalion of Clone's outside of the arena. Drake followed his orders, and rode along with the Clone's in the Gunships. Arriving on Geonosis, Drake charged with his Clones into the Battle Droid army, doing his best not to run into Grievous once more, sensing he was present. When his master came to the outskirts, he helped Drake throughout the remaining time of the battle, defending their Clone's as well. Darth Pallus had been destroyed by Drake before, and would not be a problem during the battle, but another Sith would. Count Dooku, a Jedi turned Sith was at the Catacombs with Poggle the Lesser, waiting to leave with secret plans to the Death Star. Drake, who could sense the whole thing, warned his master about it. Not worrying about Dooku, Kit Fisto told Drake to return to the battle, and be concerned about the Techno Union ships. Drake proved a formidable Jedi during the battle, and helped Kit Fisto throughout more missions, becoming an excellent Jedi.

Dantooine and Order 66

During the end of the Clone Wars, and after Grievous had been killed, Drake had been sent on a mission alone to Dantooine. Taking Clone's with him, Drake fought Super Battle Droids and captured Command Posts around the Crystal Cave, where most of the Droids had captured. Drake and his Clone Troops captured the cave, about to cheer victory, but Drake could sense something going on. Expecting an attack from his Clone's, Drake blocked the shots that flew to him, and then jumped onto a large rock. Using the Force, Drake pulled down a large stampede of rocks, while still deflecting bullets. Many of the Clone's died in the stampede, taking advantage of the time, Drake ran out of the cave and to the grasslands. After battling Clone Commando's on Dantooine, Drake met up with a Force Ghost. The Ghost warned him of the dangers of the dark side, and told him about the power it holds. Drake ignored the ghost, and disagreed about the dark side. During his vision, more Clones arrived, canceling the meditation. Drake fought the rest of them, blocking, slicing, and using the Force to destroy them.

Now I regret for making them more powerful!
—Drake during a battle with his Commandos

After finishing off the Clones, one of the Commanders, (the one who had helped him on Mon Calamari.) The Commander engaged Drake in a one-on-one battle, but after Drake cut his DC-15 Rfile in two, the Commander retreated into the cave. Drake did not follow his old friend, instead he pursued on to his hangar. Force-running to his Jedi Interceptor, Drake met up with the Commander again, this time, he was armed with a Vibro Sword. Drake and the Commander battled once more, ending with Drake kicking the Commander into a rock. Obeying his order, the commander attacked again, only to be sliced by Drake's blade. Leaving the planet in his ship, Drake soon learned of the death of his master, Kit Fisto at the hands of Chancellor Palpatine.

Also learning that his old master, Plo Koon had been suspected dead in a shuttle crash, Drake believed he was one of the few that lived.

Journey Back to the Temple

Arriving back at the Temple, Drake searched the halls for any living Jedi. Following Obi-wan Kenobi and Yoda, Drake helped the Jedi defend themselves from the attacking Clone's. Departing from the Jedi, Drake was soon attacked by Clone Assassins. Emerging victorious, Drake continued his campaign through the Temple. Drake never left, some say he died, and others admit they had seen a Jedi Starfighter flying away, piloted by Drake Coribantis. Nobody had ever knew when he died or what happened to him.

Personality and traits

Drake Coribantis was always curious and strong-willed. His lightsaber style was strong and powerful, and he often used Djem So, his mastered and favorite style. Drake Coribantis never reached the rank of Master, considering the Jedi had been wiped out, including Anikin Skywalker.

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