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The Dragon Mercenary Co-op was an organization formed to protect Tristchana from The Warbird Separatist Imperial Remnant. Three of its legendary leaders served in a major war of some sort in its prime time period.



The Dragon Mercenary Co-op was founded by Tulmont Warbird in 52 BBY, as a form of extra protection for Tristchana and the Tristchanian Empire, supplementing a small Tristchanian Imperial Military. In the process, the organization quickly expanded to train Snowshoe troop divisions for any upcoming war with the Warbird Separatist Imperial Remnant. After several years, Tulmont passed the reigns to his son, Wayne Deadmerit Sr., and Wayne took the organization to new heights, expanding into sabatoge services, information brokering, which stopped during the Six Year War, and army contracts, mainly to service the Tristchanian Empire.

Wayne Jr. and the Six Year War

DMC had survived through slow times, under Wayne Sr.'s authority. When Wayne Sr. passed the organization down to Wayne Jr., a Caznian Human, he knew that war was coming. It came about ninteen years into Wayne Jr.'s service, as leader of DMC. When Hannibal Warbird and Gweth Taranak Deadmerit invaded Slokana in 9 ABY, Wayne Jr. quickly approached the Queen of the Tristchanian Empire with a contract, guaranteeing DMC's involvement in the war, until the war ended. DMC became one of the most critical players in the war, inflicting many severe blows on the WSIR. In the Denaska Street Battle, Wayne Jr. brought several tank and Snowshoe infantry divisions into the battle, and turned the tide of the battle in the Tristchanian Empire's favor.

In addition to winning battles on the ground, DMC was playing havoc on Curava's supply lines to the troops on Tristchana, with Asuke Takanagamo, as leader of the DeathMerc Squadron, prime fighter squad in DMC. When the surface battles ended in 15 ABY, the Six Year War had officially ended, but the space battles continued for another year, with Asuke making the final blow ending the Space battles of the Six Year War, in 16 ABY, destroying a supply cruiser, sacrificing himself in the process.

Wayne III

When Harlan Takanagamo took over the Tristchanian Empire's throne in 42 ABY, Wayne Jr. knew that he had to pass DMC on to his son, Wayne III. The next year Wayne III took over DMC, and quickly streamlined the organization of mercenaries to be a more menacing foe to the WSIR. In addition to that, he also started with raids on Curavian supply lines, slowly choking the WSIR, of precious supplies, needed to sustain the systems there. In 62 ABY, with the First Draco Minoris War, Wayne III made a name for himself, trapping his main opponent, Darth Draco Minoris, with strategies that often caught him offguard, and making him admit that Wayne III was indeed, the strategist in the war.

Wayne III

Wayne Deadmerit III, one of the best known leaders of DMC. What few knew about Wayne III was that he was also a Force-sensitive, a fact that he supressed for many years.

When the First Draco Minoris War ended in 64 ABY, Wayne III quickly resumed operation of the information brokering network that DMC had abandoned in 9 ABY, expanding DMC's knowledge of Darth Draco Minoris so rapidly that they needed another library off Tristchardi, just to hold all of the information. Using what they knew, Wayne III pinpointed Darth Draco Minoris's location to the Gamma Turae System. He didn't have time to plan anything else, retiring from leadership in 87 ABY. He remained in DMC until 107 ABY, as a consultant to his son, Wayne IV.


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