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Dorse Guroq was a Mandalorian Bounty hunter who was killed by the rising Petr Malex at a casino on Paqualis III in 635 BBY. He considered himself a rival on equal terms with 3X-AK2R, much to the droid's amusement.


Guroq began his bounty hunting career in 647 BBY by capturing a Klatooinian thug on behalf of a Derimzo trader located on Cheravh. At first, he was content to bring in small bounties, including a Zabrak thief, and Mesk Nonorri, a Mazamoof comedian and spice-mule on N'Rovskent in the Belsmuth sector.

In 645 BBY, he went after his first major contract to capture a Gen'Dai rogue named Greef. He and a team of fourteen other bounty hunters were hired by the king of Alzar to bring Greef in, dead or alive. They chased him across many worlds and all of the bounty hunters were killed except for Guroq, 3X-AK2R, and another Mandalorian, an Argazdan named Tegid Ulycor'ad. They managed to kill their target and collect their reward. Guroq used his money to buy a Bikoland Industrial EH-12 class ship from 3X-AK2R called the Souring Dwoob. He renamed the ship Dream of Kad Ha'rangir and began to accept only high-stakes contracts. In 644 BBY he captured the Houk gladiator Muz Krotti.

Black Sun

In 642 BBY, he caught the attention of the Aiyashi Black Sun gangster Hanzollt Yteer. The gangster convinced Guroq to join his ranks as an independent operator and soon he was travelling the galaxy doing contracts primarily on behalf of the Black Sun. He eliminated a Kiffar ambassador on Aleen in 639 BBY and had a 30,000 Credit bounty placed on his head for it.

Four years later, he accepted a contract to kill a Sullustan gambler named Sodo Odo on behalf of Zorba Desilijic Tiure. Since his target was under the protection of Yteer, he planned on also killing the gangster, robbing his casino, and coming under Zorba's offered protection. He succeeded in killing the Sullustan, right inside Yteer's casino. He shot one of the enforcers guarding the casino who attempted to shoot him. The enforcer's superior, Petr Malex, calmed the situation, though, and Guroq resorted to demanding access to the casino vaults and an audience with Hanzollt Yteer. Malex convinced him to negotiate his demands privately with him and after two hours, the Mandalorian removed his helmet to intimidate the young enforcer commander only to be shot in the head by Malex.

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