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Doran Vess was male human from Alderaan. Once a stormtrooper loyal to the cause, Doran became disillusioned with the Empire following the destruction of Alderaan. He later defected to the Rebel Alliance, where he eventually joined SpecForce.

After the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, Doran continued his service in the New Republic. He was attached to the New Republic Intelligence Service, assigned under the command of Vanarm Lightningrunner. With the rise of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order, Doran became aware of his latent Force-sensitivity. After being coaxed by Jedi Master Sola, Doran began his Jedi training.

Initially finding success and satisfaction with his place as a Jedi, Doran eventually became highly critical of Jedi authority and doctrine. After the gruelling Yuuzhan Vong War, Doran left the Order, returning to New Republic Intelligence. He became an outspoken supporter of Jacen Solo and the Galactic Alliance Guard, going so far as to join the Guard. In time, Doran became a Sith apprentice, learning from Darth Caedus.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Doran was one of Caedus' most capable and fervent of supporters. He lead the 717 Response Division and orchestrated brutal attacks against the Confederation and the Jedi Coalition. He was eventually confronted by a strike team lead by Marrik Quee and Daertha Ollan, where he was ultimately stripped of his connection to the Force. He was captured, put on trial, and kept prisoner in the restored Jedi Temple on Coruscant.



Corrupted by the dark side, Doran became a Sith apprentice under Darth Caedus.

The Second Galactic Civil War

Showdown aboard the Alacrity

No... NO! What have you done?!"
"The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crime. Your master has deceived you, Doran; no one is all powerful. Your connection to the Force is gone. A terrible deed... but I could not allow you to commit your atrocities any longer.

—Doran and Marrik Quee, during their final showdown

Doran's involvement in the war came to a head during 46 ABY. Luke Skywalker, at the insistence of Daertha Ollan and Sevo'aer, permitted a Jedi strike team to assault Doran's flagship. Lead by Jedi Master Quee, the strike team consisted of Daertha Ollan, Sevo'aer and his Padawan A'alia Ban, Jana Tados and her Padawan Kei Wendin, and Suri Starseeker. Doran and the 717 Response Division were present in the Roche system. Distracted by the unfolding Second Battle of Roche, Doran was unaware when the Jedi boarded the Alacrity.

Becoming aware of the Jedi boarding party only when response teams sent messages requesting backup to the bridge, the furious Sith apprentice dispatched waves of soldiers in order to stall the Jedi, and used the built-in blast doors and ray shields in attempt to keep the Jedi at bay. This plan at first succeeded, as the Jedi were slowed by having to cut their way through blast doors, and Doran resumed his attention on commanding the Alacrity in the battle. However, in conjunction with the Jedi assault, the Defiant, commanded by captain Ronor Lera, opened fire on the Alacrity and managed to disable the ship with a salvo of ion cannon fire. The ship crippled, Doran became furious, and the Jedi were able to resume their advance. When they reached the bridge, they found Doran alone amongst the corpses of the crewmen, who he had slain out of his frustration.

Confronted by the Jedi, Doran refused to surrender, and the ensuing duel between Marrik and Doran lasted but a few mere moments. The Sith apprentice's frenzied swordplay was effortlessly parried by the experienced Jedi Master's Soresu style. Sensing he wouldn't be able to handle the Jedi Master alone, Doran instead turned his focus to the others, and unleashed a massive Force Storm on the group. Marrik intervened and severed Doran's connection to the Force. Furious and hysterical at this turn of events, Doran nevertheless continued to fight on, until he was stunned by the Jedi Master. At the mercy of his captors, Doran broke down into a fit of hysterical ranting and crying.

Defeated, he was taken prisoner and moved to the Defiant. The Alacrity was subsequently destroyed as the Galactic Federation began to lose the battle.


Hah! Spare me the act. You did this to me, Jedi."
"Do you think I did so out of malice or spite? No. It was necessity that forced my hand. I will speak on your behalf - and implore the jury to have clarity and mercy. You must answer for your crimes... but Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. We ought to remember that.

—Doran and Marrik, on the eve of the former's trial

After the death of Darth Caedus, Doran was taken back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to wait for a trial by the Jedi Council. While he waited in his cell, he was permitted visits by his wife and son, who only visited once. Distraught at how his life had gone down in flames, Doran began sullen and aggressive towards his captors. He had only one other visitor: Marrik himself. To the surprise of all, Marrik, out of guilt in destroying Doran's connection to the Force, took it upon himself to speak in Doran's defense at his trial. Doran, however, scorned such a gesture and mocked the Jedi Master to his face. For every subsequent visit the Jedi Master attempted to make leading up to the date of Doran's trial, Doran refused to permit any visitors.


Personality and traits

Physical description

Powers and abilities

The Force stirs within you, Doran. But it's tightly wound, bottled up, waiting like a serpent for the chance to strike. It feeds off of your doubt... you anger. Left unchecked, that anger will destroy you.
—Jedi Master Mola speaking to her student.

Lightsaber training

Doran constructed and wielded his own lightsaber when he was a student in the New Jedi Order. The weapon had a pale mint green blade. After his conversion to the dark side, Doran took his old weapon apart, incorporating its parts into a new lightsaber. He adopted the red blade of the Sith.

Behind the Scenes

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