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Founded by Sado and Aura Madero around 50 ABY, the Doran Rangers were a secretive Order of Light-side Force users that had their original headquarters just outside Theed, Naboo. Sado Madero, who formed the Order after being impeached as Chancellor of Naboo by Emperor Vorsetous, served as the first Ranger Grand Master. He was later to be succeeded by Kara Cath.


Following the impeachment of Sado Madero, he and his wife Aura founded the Doran Rangers to provide an environment where younglings could learn in the Light. This was largely a response to the creation of Emperor Vorsetous' Force Trooper training program, which taught the students in the ways of the Dark Side.

A temple was built just outside Theed, Naboo, which served as the headquarters of the Rangers for only about three years.

Battle of Naboo

When Darth Pravus attacked the Doran Temple, he and his forces toppled the majority of the structure. After Pravus was defeated by Emperor Vorsetous, Sado and Aura decided to relocate and build a new temple on Dandoran, the Order's namesake, where the two had met and trained together. This both helped the Rangers stay secluded from outside influences and guaranteed that civilians wouldn't be harmed if the Rangers were attacked again.

After the Rangers established their new headquarters, they called the new de-facto capital Katharros, meaning "good" or "pure." Valiant Madero served as the Order's chief representative in the Vorsetous Empire. A Grand Council consisting of Sado, Aura, and some of the oldest Rangers was created to govern the Order, as well as the planet Dandoran, which had been abandoned by the smuggling cartels that had previously inhabited it. The Rangers alone occupied Dandoran, save only for a few families which were given permission to homestead there by the Council.


The Doran Rangers were organized by rank. These ranks, in order from lowest to highest, were Youngling, Apprentice, Ranger, Master, and Grand Master. When a Youngling was taken as a student of a Ranger, he or she became an Apprentice. Once they completed their Apprenticeship and received the blessing of the Council, they were given the rank of Ranger. Members of the Grand Council all were given the rank of Master, with the Council head serving as Grand Master.

Doran Code

The Doran Code was the central philosophy of the Rangers. It read as follows:

I live in the Light. In the Light, I find Peace. In Peace, I find Balance. In Balance, I find Wisdom. In Wisdom, I find Strength.

The four-pointed star, the symbol of the Rangers, served as a constant reminder of the Code that each member had sworn to live by. At the center of the star was the Light, with the four points representing Peace, Balance, Wisdom, and Strength. The Rangers sought Knowledge and Wisdom through study and meditation, relying on peaceful, calm emotions rather than more aggressive feelings like passion and anger.


Each Ranger constructed his or her own lightsaber, which served as their primary weapon. However, Rangers were taught and encouraged to use their environment to their advantage. Many Rangers used branches from trees to build bows and arrows. Others crafted swords and knives out of stone or metal and infused them with their own Force energy, similar to the Force-imbued blades used by the Je'daii Order.

Rangers also learned to travel unseen and unheard, relying on their cloaks as well as their Force abilities to keep themselves hidden. Because of their abilities to traverse a landscape unseen and to utilize their environment, the Vorsetous Empire often recruited the Rangers for missions of reconnaissance and infiltration.

Affiliation with the Vorsetous Empire

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The Doran Rangers were often called upon to aid the Empire. However, they usually worked more directly with the Galactic Alliance, who served as a sort of paramilitary group of reserves for the Empire. Some Rangers, however, were given a rank within the Imperial Army. One example of this is Valiant Madero, who was a Captain in the Imperial Army under Commander X.

Passing the Torch

Following the death of Aura Madero, the leadership of the Order was passed on to Kara Cath. Sado continued to serve on the Grand Council until his death, but the bulk of the leadership responsibilities were handled by Cath. The Rangers continued to work alongside the Empire, even after Sado's death about ten years after the Battle of Mandalore.

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