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Divilian Sivilain was the New Republic's Chief of State between 49-55 ABY. He was a Quarren male. The main event during his office was the War of the Resurrected Emperor.


Early Life

Not much was known about Sivilians' childhood. He was born in 7 ABY, and was withdrawn. He had few friends if any as a child. In 14 ABY, he disappeared for 10 years, to resurface on Jabbim. When he resurfaced, he was a blood-thirsty rouge, and tales he told (probably just to bolster his reputation) claimed seven assassinations at his own hands.


Despite the fact that he had gone bad, he was able to curb his appetite for blood. He put his aggressive nature to the test in a new arena. The Senate Chambers to be exact. He was able to gain from the Quarren their vote to represent them alongside the Mon Calamari.

He quickly rose through the political scale. His quick wits won over many. His speeches of unity helped avert many disasters. In the end, he gained the top spot in politics, as the Chief of State.

Chief of State

Once he gained the spot as Chief of State in 49 ABY, he began issuing orders that appealed to his more bloody side. He ordered the Jedi to hunt down all pirates and smugglers. He also ordered all poachers to be killed. But, few if any saw this as bad, since it was for the common good. One of his most controversial decisions was that the Galactic Alliance would be recalled the New Republic.

In 50 ABY, two wars broke out, which threatened to topple the Republic. The War of the Resurrected Emperor lasted for a year, and nearly saw the whole galaxy once again under control of the Galactic Empire. The Second Yuuzhan Vong War lasted two years and saw tens of thousands die at the hands of the Vong. Both wars ended with the Republic successful, but it scared all at how easily wars had sprung up in a time of peace.

These wars also had a much more dangerous casualty. Sivilain became unable to make up his mind anymore. He literal began a mental breakdown that led to discontent throughout the galaxy. Finally, in 55 ABY, he was assassinated in his bed by the commander of the Guard. This death led to the reinstation of the name 'Galactic Alliance' for the government in 56 ABY.

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