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This war, ten years it has been, but now the time is, to crush the Sith once and for all.
—Grand Master Yoda

The Disciples of Bane were a cult of dark side warriors that sprung up on Eriadu around sixty years before the Clone Wars. They were destroyed by Jedi Master Dooku and his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn after a ten year war with the Republic. They has been no sitings or reports of them since.


Here on Ruusan the Sith were broken but here again they shall be reforged, bigger and better then ever.
—Darth Destru to Sith Lords

The Disciples were formed after Sith lord Darth Galepius brought various Sith factions together into one large group. Originally, the Disciples were led by the Triad of Darkness, which consisted of Galepius, and Darths Destru and Baden. However, when the Triad began to fragment, Galepius had the others killed and began running the Disciples himself.

Under Galepius, the Disciples began raising an army on Eriadu for an assault on the Republic. After a series of minor engagements with the republic, Galepius readied for an assault on Coruscant. The intervention of Jedi Master Dooku and his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn was disastrous for the Disciples. After defeats at the Xeros Asteroids, Phark and Eriadu itself, the Disciples collapsed and the Republic emerged victorious.


One is too rash and overconfident and believes that victory is already his. The other is overly cautious and would prefer to sit and wait for the end of the universe then go forth in battle. I am right in the middle, the perfect place to bring about their fall.
—Darth Galepius on the other members of the Triad

Although they claimed to be Sith, they may not have been Sith at all. They used Sith techniques and took on the name of a notable Sith but they didn't appear to be Sith. Only their leader Galepius and his apprentice Sisidou seemed to be gifted with any in depth Sith knowledge. Through Darth Clous they had gained enormous influence among smugglers and bounty hunters while Darth Razor led their space forces. At first, the Disciples at first had an advantage over the republic, but after a series of defeats, they were defeated and destroyed.


Our forces are stronger then you can imagine, there are more Sith in our ranks then there has been since Ruusan and no Jedi can stop us.
—Darth Verona to Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn


We are here to keep the peace, to serve the Sith and keep the troops in line. Basically we're taking care of the laundry.
—Mera Dan


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