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Y'know, I've seen a lot of change in my lifetime and frankly, no matter how bad they were, they were some of the most important moments in my life.
—Dirk Byrant

Dirk Byrant was a Jedi Master during the times of the Clone Wars and the Rebellion. During his early life, he was born on the planet of Naboo to two politicians where he also first discovered his sensitivity by trying to save them from a unknown assailant but sadly failed. The Jedi Order found him soon after and an unknown master trained him up until his Knighthood Trials at the age of twenty-two. During his time as a knight he was called to Corellia to deal with a Sith uprising, but at the same time he encountered a young Lux Avo and took him to the Jedi temple for expert training. He returned to the planet for a brief time before returning and becoming master to Lux in 26 BBY.

They battled together throughout the Clone Wars where they also met Kit Avo, Lux's sister, and fought for the Galactic Republic. When Order 66 came, he personally knighted him in the midst of escaping the attack and helped a group escape with the help of his former padawan and Kit. She saved them both and was sadly captured as they fled, leaving them both in distress and in exile. When the earliest forms of the Rebellion began to show they joined immediately, Dirk becoming a Jedi General among them. He served with them throughout the years up until it finally came to an end in 6 ABY.

He then joined the New Jedi Order for the remainder of his life, dealing with any remains of the sith and protecting his order up until his passing in 21 ABY.


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