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The Directorate of Independent Systems was one of the Separatist holdout groups. It was reorganized from the remains of the Confederacy of Independent Systems by Rina Ascura and her Ascurite Order to resist and oppose the Galactic Empire.

The most major difference between the Directorate and the Confederacy was the former's political and economic system. Since the Galactic Empire seized all stock of the Confederacy's founding corporations, killed, arrested or replaced all stockholders and executive officers, the remaining plants, factories, mines and other corporate property could no longer be managed through a corporate state. To maintain control over otherwise ungovernable worlds, Rina Ascura introduced the "Laws on Corporate Self-Government", which turned over the control over the industry to councils of workers and engineers which would be subordinate to central planning agencies. Basically, the Directorate was a socialist system operating under a command economy. The closest analog in our world would be the "military communism" of 1918-1920 Russia.

This new system of political economy did not allow the corporate rumps to generate any significant profit, but it was convenient for war, for which the Directorate essentially was created, and allowed the formerly corporate industry to continue functioning despite any financial losses. Rina Ascura viewed the Directorate as a tool for defeating the Empire, more or less.

The CIS Shadowfeed was re-estabilished by the Directorate to broadcast propaganda and anti-Imperial counterpropaganga. The "Vooro credit", a tightly controlled currency surrogate, was created by the Commissioner of Finance, later Chair of the Commissionery Council Marath Vooro (formerly of the Trade Federation) to fuel the militarized command economy.

The most major contributors to the Directorate was the Techno Union, the Quarren Isolation League and the Geonosians; most other Separatist corporations were reluctant to join the new centralized system and preferred the Imperial administration. However, individual industrial worlds of the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild and the Corporate Alliance joined the Directorate by seceding from their now-Imperial managers and setting up local worker's councils. The Intergalactic Banking Clan refused to cooperate altogether. To compensate for that, Ascura successfully persuaded the criminal Tenloss Syndicate to join under special conditions, offering autonomy and freedom from central planning.

The entire system of the Directorate was created as provisional, designed only to last until the end of the war. In case of victory, the Directorate wished to restore private property, deregulate the economy and rebuild the corporate system of the CIS, though with the Directorate government holding 51% stock of every member corporation. However, these plans never came to fruition as the Directorate military was defeated in 11 BBY in the decisive battle of Orb Radiant and the government ceased to function. Some of its members later joined the Rebel Alliance (most notably Marath Vooro, who was the Alliance's first Minister of Finance).


Militarily, the Directorate was relying on the same droid army as its predecessors, using the captured and reactivated droid factories to build battle droids. Since the Quarren Isolation League supported the Directorate, it had access to the Free Dac Volunteers technologies and continued to build the Separatist navy. The flagship of the Directorate navy was the Subjugator-class heavy cruiser Deliverance (the only ship of its class in the Directorate navy).

The DIS also designed some new battle droid types. The acquisition of the Tenloss Syndicate and its technologies allowed it to design and build the new B-X2 marine battle droid; it was based on the old commando droids, but simplified for mass production and armed with Tenloss disruptor weapons. The B-X2 droids were used as space marines, to secure troop landing sites on assaulted planets.

Intelligence and counterintelligence

The main intelligence and counterintelligence agency of the DIS was ExCom (the Extraordinary Committee to Combat Espionage and Sedition), a militarized organization subservient to the Ascurite Order. The ExCom offices worked under the command of Ascurite Instigators and Hitokiri, and were used both for capturing Imperial spies and for espionage and terror operations against Imperial authorities. Just like the Hitokiri, the ExCom practiced individual terror and performed assassinations of Imperial moffs and governors; it did not practice terrorism against civilians.

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