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Dijir F'rat was a male Bith Jedi Knight who lived during the New Sith Wars. He was a Jedi Consular, and had a more than passing acquaintance with Phnyong, the Jedi Master who served as Supreme Chancellor.

In 1,387 BBY, Dijir was assigned, along with several other Jedi, to serve as Phnyong's bodyguards and security during the Republic Navy War College graduation ball on Anaxes. Dijir took a roof shift, acting as a backup to the Republic Marine snipers stationed there. When Anzat assassins parachuted onto the roof of Anaxes Citadel, Dijir went to the snipers' aid, but was intercepted by Nevya Khiyali. The two dueled briefly, but Nevya injured Dijir's left arm, then cut the the thumb off his sword hand and stabbed him in the chest. Nevya consumed Dijir's soup, killing him.


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