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The Difum Campaign was a large chain of battles that centered around on the planet of Difum during the final months of the Galactic Civil War. The Imperial Warlord Funmus and the lead deck officer of his flagship, The Titanium Killer, Fil Cos discovered a a large Rebel fortress on the planet of Difum, and attempted to mount an attack on the fortress. The First Battle of the Difum Fortress was a failure. Then in an attempt to draw out a large rebel force in order to corner and destroy them in order to lower the fortress defenses, Funmus and a walker assualt force attacked the nearbye city of Karatoa. The city sent for a distress signal, but when rebel forces arrived, it seemed as if Imperial Foces had left. But in reality, they had only hidden from view. As rebels were getting ready to leave, Funmus and his walkers attacked the rebels. Now with fortress defenses lowered, Fumus mounted one more attack on the rebel Fortress. Funmus had now finally one the Difum Campaign.
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