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Jedi Master Di'e Go Am'er'ez was a Jedi warrior and general in the Clone Wars who managed to survive Order 66.

Biography Edit

Born on the Inner Rim world of Obroa-skai to Human slaves, he was found by the Dark Woman to be a very gifted child with an abundance in the Force. Taken to the Jedi temple in 62 BBY, he trained under Yoda as a youngling. He showed considerable talent in many forms of lightsaber combat, and later incorporated elements of these forms into his own form, Sha'do Mediin. During a practice duel, he accidentally cut a finger off of his friend Tarni Winn's left hand. Tarni would be driven mad by this incident, and would later come around as a Dark Jedi to exact revenge on Di'e Go. Di'e Go would be chosen by Ledos Mahan around the age of ten to be Mahan's padawan learner. The two would go on many adventures together, including a mission to Tatooine to overturn Obulla the Hutt's prostitution ring, who was dabbling in the child whore trade. One of the children he and his master rescued would give him a deep purple crystal that he would later use in a new lightsaber. On his way back from this mission, he and his master were waylaid by pirates. One of these pirates was Tarni Winn, who had fallen to the darkness a few years before. One of his pirates shot and injured Ledos, who begged the pirates to let Di'e Go leave. Tarni moved in to kill the seasoned Jedi Master when Di'e Go jumped in front of him in defense of his master. After a fierce battle which showcased Di'e Go's mastery of Sha'do Mediin, he defeated Tarni. Proving his mercy and dedication to the Jedi Code, Di'e Go let Tarni live. After escaping from the pirates, they made their way back to the Jedi Temple and he was honored for his bravery in confronting a Dark Jedi by being raised to Jedi Knight status. Yoda felt that this trial was a sufficient test for him. Di'e Go was 14 years old at the time.

Di'e Go would rise to become a wise and mighty knight, as well as a skilled pilot. He started training his first padawan, Obin Toili, when Di'e Go was only 16 years old, being only 3 years older than Obin. The extremely small age difference between the two, paired with Obin's bizarre Wol Cabasshite physiology, led to a difficult and strenuous relationship. Di'e Go found it difficult to train a being with a lightsaber wielded by a tongue, and was even more perplexed by Obin's thought processes. Di'e Go trained him simply because it would be a challenge that would harden him. After Obin's knighting at the age of 16, being promoted after single-handedly settling a land dispute stretching over an entire planet while Di'e Go was away investigating a hyperspace distortion, Di'e Go was raised to Jedi Master at the extremely young age of 19. Many high-ranking Jedi disputed his worthiness of the position, claiming that he had far too little years under his belt. Yoda fully believed in him, however, and place all of his faith in him. Di'e Go, as a master, trained four more padawans before the Clone Wars began.

The Clone Wars Edit

The Clone Wars had begun soon after Di'e Go's last apprentice, Toona Lim, was knighted. He was one of the 200 Jedi who rushed to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala from the clutches of Count Dooku. In the battle between clones and droids that followed, he single-handedly destroyed eight Homing Droids by slicing their legs through with his lightsaber. He lost his original green lightsaber in this conflict, however. When he returned to Coruscant, he remembered the crystal the slave child gave him, and he built a new lightsaber with it. The result of it was a black lightsaber that surprised him. He inquired the Jedi Archives about it, and found out that it was a crystal from the Hutt homeworld of Varl, passed down through Obulla the Hutt's family. The slave child must have stolen it, he reasoned. In truth, the Hutt gave the crystal to the child because the child had earned a monstrous profit from a client.

As were most Jedi Masters during the Clone Wars, he was made a general in command of his own battalion of troops. A short-sighted leader on Paros Prime threatened to defect to the CIS, and Di'e Go was sent to interfere. He found out as soon as he got there that the leader was the slave girl he rescued years earlier. She immediately recognized him as a friend, and was even infatuated with him. Nevertheless, she would not recall her threats unless the orthodox Jedi Master slept with her. He surprisingly agreed, much to the dismay of the Jedi, who briefly separated him from the order. His following tactic, however, would go down in the history books. Di'e Go did indeed sleep with Ashen, the ex-slave, but right before she could advance on him, he put her unconscious with a Jedi force trick and slept with her through the night. Seeing that she was outwitted by him, she angrily agreed to stay in the Republic, on one condition. Clone Commander Halon of Di'e Go's force was required to sleep with Ashen in order to secure the peace. When asked about the night, he decided not to comment. Later, Ashen would give birth to a son, named Halen. It can be rightfully be assumed that Halon was the father.

After this mission, he campaigned in many battles and battlefields across the galaxy. He quickly secured Gharon IV, which was a planet filled with plastic producing kladoids, from the Separatists, and completely destroyed an army of Ultra Battle Droids that was issued from Mustafar. He and his troops gained fame and recognition from the galaxy, and even General Grievous gave a grudging respect to the Jedi Master. Grievous planned on gaining Di'e Go's black lightsaber to add to his collection, but the incredibly powerful Jedi proved too strong for Grievous when he attacked. Grievous escaped, and plotted his vengeance.

Grievous, however, would almost be beaten to Di'e Go by the Jedi's very own men. When Order 66 was activated, Di'e Go was on the faraway outer-rim world of Bentaan with his men. Di'e Go felt the Force shock caused by the death of so many Jedi, and was momentarily incapacitated. He regained his wits about him before Halon could fire on him, and deftly deflected the shot back at one of his own men. After killing all the rest of the clones, leaving Halon alone and basically unarmed against his former general, Di'e Go offered an ultimatum to Halon. Instead of being killed, he could come with Di'e Go into exile. He reminded Halon of their deep friendship together. But when Halon still did not renounce his allegiance to the Empire, Di'e Go had no choice but to invade Halon's mind and break the Emperor's genetic grip on the man. He succeeded in traversing the rough rooms of Halon's mind, and Halon decided to come with him, leaving his armor behind.

Exile Edit

After escaping from Bentaan with Halon, they made their way to Coruscant to find out if any other Jedi had survived Order 66. They were present when they saw a brave Jedi get shot to pieces by clone troopers. After seeing this, they decided that the Empire was too powerful to raise a Jedi army against, and they hid on Imperial Center for a while.

Di'e Go and Halon decided to work for a speederbike sales company on Imperial Center and sabotage speeders sold to Imperials. They managed to kill 12 officials this way until they were discovered. In 12 BBY, Darth Vader came to kill Di'e Go in his home in Cappieville on Imperial Center. Vader proved to be little of a match for the great master's lightsaber style, and managed to steal Vader's lightsaber before jumping out of his window into Halon's stolen ARC-170 starfighter. They blasted away from Imperial Center with several Star Destroyers in pursuit. Miraculously, they escaped the taskforce and hid on the remote world of Dantooine for many years. During this time, Di'e Go trained Halon, in whom he sensed impressive force potential, in the Jedi arts and Di'e Go's own Sha'do Mediin.

Death Edit

In 3 ABY, Darth Vader again came to kill Di'e Go, and this time was successful in slaying the elderly Jedi. Before he died, however, Di'e Go tossed his black lightsaber to Halon. Halon, wielding both Darth Vader's old red lightsaber and Di'e Go's own saber, successfully defeated Vader and knocked him out with an incredible force push. Halon went to pick up Di'e Go's body and found, shockingly, that it was not there anymore. Di'e Go then appeared to Halon and told him to go to the extremely distant planet of Syriol, where he could hide. Halon later led a force of Rebels on the planet Vodian in successfully driving the Empire off the planet. After his appearance to Halon on Dantooine, Di'e Go disappeared into the Force.

Characteristics and Traits Edit

Di'e Go Am'er'ez was respected and honored by his fellow Jedi as a compassionate, honorable, and clever man who adhered strictly to the Jedi Code. He was a philosopher of the Living Force, who, as Qui-Gon Jinn was, never offered a seat on the council because of his views. During the Clone Wars, he was greatly admired by the females of the galaxy for his chivalry and his exquisite good looks. Long, flowing white hair and a manly goatee accented his head, and rippling muscles covered his body. He was voted "Sexiest Man of the Galaxy" in the year 21 BBY, an honor that he humbly ho-hummed about. His skill with the lightsaber was matched by none besides Mace Windu. It is theorized that if he was with the ill fated party that sought to arrest Chancellor Palpatine, Palpatine surely would have been arrested and a huge dark splotch in the history of the galaxy would have been avoided. His black lightsaber used during the Clone Wars earned him the nickname "Darksaber" and this name was feared throughout the CIS.

Behind the scenes Edit

Di'e Go Am'er'ez is a variation of the name of one of my characters in another cartoon. Diego Amerez is also the basis of my internet name, diegoamerezrocks. Di'e Go Am'er'ez had a brother named Win's'ton, who became a famed and powerful pirate raiding CIS ships in the Clone Wars.

Diego Amerez, on Earth, is a car salesman for Oldsmobile, which was reflected in his job as a speederbike salesman. He even sabotaged cars which were sold to alien enemies.

Appearances Edit

  • Great among Men